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Destinations on the Rise for 2019

Are you in need to build up miles and discover new horizons? Maybe the time has come for that trip on your bucket list. To fly to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit and take a selfie next to a famous landmark. Discover new cultures, add another beach to the list, try new flavors and dance to new rhythms.

Check-out TripAdvisor’s Destinations on the rise for 2019 –maybe your next adventure begin with this list.

San Jose. Costa Rica.

Nerja, Spain.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Ichigaki, Okinawa, Japan.

Gdansk, Poland.

Riga, Latvia.

Nairobi, Kenya.

Rovinj, Croatia.

Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii.

Brasilia, Brazil.

Busan, South Korea.

Guayaquil, Ecuador.

La Paz, Bolivia.

Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Medellin, Colombia.

Salta, Argentina.

Tainan, Taiwan.

Richmond, Virginia.

Asunción- Paraguay.

Ichigaki, Okinawa, Japan

The water around Ishigaki is pure blue, with white sandy beaches to soothe your senses. But don’t just stand on the beach and stare. Travelers recommend a ride in a glass-bottomed boat to gaze at the coral reefs and tropical fish from above.

The Privilege Collection features 18 accommodation options in Okinawa and 1 hotel in Ichigaki.

Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii

Kapaa, also spelled Kapa’a, means “solid” in Hawaiian. Travelers find this small town, nestled at the base of Nounou (the Sleeping Giant) Mountain on Kauai tourist friendly with its diverse array of hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants.

The Privilege Collection features 11 hotels in Kauai, out of which 2 are in Kapaa.

Nairobi, Kenya

Known as the safari capital of Africa. Top sights include the Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe Centre and the black rhinos of Nairobi National Park. The compact city center is safe to walk in and taxis make other areas accessible.

The Privilege Collection features 8 hotels in Nairobi.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Immerse yourself in Halifax’s rich history at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and be sure to survey the city from the 18th-century Citadel National Historic Site.

The Privilege Collection features 21 hotels in Halifax.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk’s Old Town, painstakingly reconstructed to its Hanseatic League glory after being leveled in World War II, is a highlight. The 14th-century  Town Hall houses the city’s historical museum. The Privilege Collection features 7 hotels in Gdansk.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Vibrant and packed with Victorian mansions, Costa Rica’s rowdy, bustling capital was built on the profits of the coffee trade and working “golden bean” plantations still surround the city.

The Privilege Collection features 32 accommodation options in San Jose.

Riga, Latvia

The Latvian capital, the largest city in the Baltics, is a fascinating mixture of proud Latvian tradition and influences of the various countries that have occupied it.

The Privilege Collection features one hotel in Riga.

Rovinj, Croatia

Located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, it is a popular tourist resort and an active fishing port.

The Privilege Collection features 9 hotels in Rovinj.

Nerja, Spain

Positioned at the eastern tip of the Costa del Sol, Nerja boasts nearly 10 miles of powdery beaches. Whilst tourist-oriented, it is yet to become

overcrowded. Its huge promenade delivers panoramic Mediterranean views

Costa del Sol features 43 accommodation options listed in the Privilege Collection, out which 3 are in Nerja.

Casablanca, Morocco

Today Casablanca is a large, modern city, but the former French colonial post still allows myriad movie moments for those who want to revisit love in the medina and Old City.

You can find 3 hotel options in Casablanca through the Privilege Collection.

Medellin, Colombia

It’s now a vibrant destination for travelers seeking a culturally rich vacation. Medellin rises proudly from the belly of the Aburrá Valley, and its natural beauty makes a perfect setting for hiking, zip lining and horseback riding.

Brasilia, Brazil

Renowned for its modernist lines and futuristic design, Brasilia is a study in urban planning and the only city built in the 20th century to be counted among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Asuncion, Paraguay

The charming historic section can be explored on foot. The friendly Paraguayan capital, gateway to the grassy Gran Chaco region, has long been a center of music, poetry and the arts.

La Paz, Bolivia

Sitting in a valley in the Andes Mountains, La Paz is the city that touches the clouds. Rich with 19th century churches, museums of artifacts from the pre-Conquest era, precarious overlooks, and colorful markets, La Paz is truly unique.

Salta, Argentina

Vibrant Salta is a mashup of old world architecture and modern fun—a truly sophisticated bohemia! Marvel at the intricate façade of the old town hall—a Salta focal point—as you stroll from museums to markets.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Founded in the 1530s, Ecuador’s largest city and main port is the top access point for Galapagos cruises and home to a bustling import-export business.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The old town is a blend of Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau buildings, watched over by a medieval castle. Cut through the gardens of Tivoli Park to the National Museum of Contemporary History, featuring crumbled statues of Stalin and a recreation of a WWI trench.

Valletta, Malta

Founded in 1565 by the Order of St John as a refuge for soldiers returning from the Crusades, Valletta is now the capital of Malta and a piece of living history.

Nuremberg, Germany

The city has much to offer today’s visitors, including the rebuilt Nuremberg Castle and the world-famous gingerbread at Hauptmarkt. Hansel and Gretel would have loved this place.

Busan, South Korea

Busan is Korea’s second largest city. Tourists often come to this region to hike and to visit the Buddhist Temples located deep within the region’s mountains.

Shenzen, China

Located in the south of China, the cityscape–Shenzhen– is home to some of the most modern buildings worldwide. Perhaps one of the most frequented tourist attractions is Window of the World, which offers replicas of the Eiffel tower, the pyramids, and Taj Mahal.

Tainan, Taiwan

Home to more than a thousand temples, it is one of Taiwan’s oldest cities and the former capital, Tainan is a modern city of commerce and trade, history and culture. Discover Taiwan’s people and past at The National Museum of History.

Richmond, Virginia

Discover an essential chapter of America’s history in the cobblestone streets, river walks and monuments of Richmond. Originally a colonial settlement, Virginia’s capital is now a thriving hub for culture, shopping and outdoor fun.

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