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Exciting New Flexibility To Your Membership

After reviewing valuable member feedback, we are pleased to officially announce the improvements implemented to make your Privilege Club program the most flexible ever:

  • Membership Weeks can now be booked by nights at a Bahia Principe Hotel & Resort instead of 7-night intervals; this means that members can now book shorter or longer stays without sacrificing an entire Membership Week. 
  • Members can now arrive at the Bahia Principe resorts on any day of the week using the Membership Week rate, instead of only on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Membership Weeks now have unlimited acceleration for bookings at all participating Bahia Principe resorts. Members can now use as many Membership Weeks as needed in any given year, subject to availability. When depositing Membership Weeks to the RCI bank there is a limit of 4 Membership Weeks per calendar year. 

Book today and start enjoying these new benefits!