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Honduras: Off-the beaten path

We all feel tempted to visiting the Mayan ruins in Mexico or Guatemala. Getting lost in the jungles of Costa Rica is quite the adventure. Discovering the indigenous shires in Panama sounds like a thrill. Doing a cross-country road trip in Colombia would surely suffice the needs of any traveler. And, if you feel like going south, even more adventures are waiting for you. But wait, whatever happened to rest of Central America?

Go behind the scenes in Honduras

Behind the public image, Honduras is probably the less visited country for tourism purposes. However, it is just this which makes a visit to the country more attractive, if well planned. Incoming tourism is low, competition is fierce and therefore, traveling is affordable. Most noteworthy, travelers’ reports indicate you can easily get by with less than $30 USD a day. It seems like this is a destination that offers a few spots (off the beaten path) worth studying for future travels around Central America.

Visit Utila and its unparalleled underwater kingdom. We are not joking! The waters surrounding the Bay Islands are sure to become one of your favorite diving spots. The diving in Utila alone, features blooming coral reefs, rays, sea turtles and even whale sharks. Also, non-divers can have fun with outstanding snorkeling opportunities. The reefs that surround the three islands, Utila, Roatán and Guanaja, are actually part of the second largest coral reef in the world.

Stumble upon the most idyllic beach, complete with all the décor. White coral sands, cays and soaring mountains in the background. Roatán’s Tabyana Beach offers this and more. Laid back, empty beaches for you to roam around, while Trujillo Volcan sits in the distance. The Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport in Roatán receives domestic and international flights from several airlines. There is Air Panama, Air Transat, American Airlines, Delta, Sunwing and United Airline, just to name a few.

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There are multiple fun neighborhoods to check out while visiting Roatán

At least a a full day can be spent on the French Harbour. Explore local and international dinning or play golf at the nearby Pristine Bay Golf Course. Also, nearby lies Arch’s Iguana Farm where, as the name suggests, you will see over 4,000 iguanas. Less than a mile away is Daniel Johnson Monkey and Sloth Hang Out, A Family-run animal sanctuary featuring sloths, monkeys, tropical birds & other exotic native species.

Amongst the best beaches in Honduras is West Bay Beach in Roatán. Followed by Cieneguita Beach in Puerto Cortes, just up north of San Pedro Sula. Additionally are the beaches of Tela Bay, just west of La Ceiba. You can actually grab a boat to visit Punta sSal National Park, which features powdery beaches, wetlands and mangroves have been preserved in a pristine natural state. Finally you have West End Beach in Guanaja, once voted the very best beach in Honduras.

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Fancy some ruins?

Then a visit to Copán and the Copán Ruins should be on your plans. The ruins are an UNESCO site and and one of the main attractions in the country. Not only does it feature impressive Mayan ruins, but also becomes the home for the attractive scarlet macaws –quite popular next to the quetzals, which inhabit the peaks of the Montaña Santa Barbara National Park. Become Indiana Jones as you explore the Hieroglyphic Stairway, part of the Mesoamerican legacies that still remain. Furthermore are ruins, temples and altars.

A visit to the Rio Platano Biopshere Reserve –the second UNESCO site in Honduras, will provide a singular experience. With over 200 archaeological sites and a community of 2,000- indigenous people and a few jaguars an ant eaters to meet on the way. In 2011, UNESCO placed the reserve on the List of World Heritage in Danger. This is the spot where you can meet the known Garifunas, a culture of Amerindic, Arawak and African descent.

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For the nature lovers

Honduras features over 700 different animal species within its abundant biodiversity. You may actually have to choose between the marine species in the Caribbean coasts, or a visit the higher lands. Lago de Yojoa, the largest lake in country located south of San Pedro Sula, has over 300 different species –birdwatchers rejoice!

Another site to explore in Honduras is the rain forest of the Pico Bonito National Park. Located in the Northern coast, just in front of Utila Island. Explore you way through the Cangrejal River –kayak you wayt in or go whitewater rafting. This is the best place for outdoor purposes. Specific species to come across in the area are the keel billed toucan and the white face monkey, found nearby the Zacate River.

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With so many attractions to read about, Honduras may just be returning from the travel abyss. We’ll keep a close eye on the marvels that this country has to offer. Would you like to visit? The Privilege Collection travel portal offers flights and accommodation options nearby all the attractions detailed in this article. Perhaps a trip to Roatan will soon join the travel bucket list.

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