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Brand Ambassador at Bahia Principe Privilege Club Jamaica

Meet Christopher Johnson!

If you have been to Jamaica in the past three years then you have surely met our first brand ambassador of the year. Whether he is at the Privilege Beach or at the Privilege Lounge, Christopher Johnson, originally from nearby Salem, will bring a cheerful spark to your vacation.

If you could choose a word that describes your experience in the Privilege Club what word would it be? Why?
I would say “exciting”. Working as part of the Privilege Club you get to meet so many people, which in itself is quite exciting. You get to create fond memories and build friendship.
How would you describe a day with the Jamaica team?
It definitely is a dynamic day. Our team have some of the very best human beings in the area, making your vacation their priority. We will do our best to meet your preferences. You will have a spectrum of different personalities at your service that will make your stay extra fun.
Do you have any special anecdote that you remember about your career in Club? Tell us a little.
A few years ago, when the Privilege Beach was located nearby the snack bar, a group of members by the beach shore would challenge us to pitch them a can of beer. Of course this was never done, but every time one of them came to the bar, a fun comment would be made on how “we never pitched the beer”. Sometimes a joke can humanize the operation and melt the ice to a warmer approach.
What advice would you give to members so they can get the most out of their vacation in Jamaica?
My best recommendation is to be open minded when visiting Jamaica. Try new excursions, practice safety advices and of course, bring more people with you!
On a side note, Jamaica is a tropical island, so we are bound to have rain sometimes. From the perspective of the Beach Bar Concierge –my fellow colleague and the “other Christopher”, days can be lonely down there, but we are confident everyone will enjoy their vacation.
We all have something in common… We love to travel! Do you have a destination that you would like to visit soon?
There are many places I would like to visit. However sooner than later I am going to New York as a surprise visit. Here is to hoping my sister doesn’t come across this article first.

My dream getaway would be for Australia, I really want to experience its wildlife and explore the Great Barrier Reef –the only reef you can see from out of space.

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