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The Caribbean: Closed Fishing Seasons

Important information about the 2018 closed fishing season at Dominican Republic.

Traveling to the Caribbean is always a good reason to try exotic dishes. However, each country or destination can present boundaries when it comes to tasting its delicacies.

Each year the countries of Central America and the Caribbean cease fishing for some of the species that inhabit the Atlantic. Consequently, in the Dominican Republic lobster and crab fishing has been suspended until June 30.

This ban seeks to protect and allow the reproduction of these species, guaranteeing the sustainable development of the fishing activity. Therefore, if you visit the Bahia Principe hotels in the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean, it will not be possible to order certain dishes.

If you want to support this measure of sustainability, and in the future be able to indulge a delicious lobster. Avoid contributing to the commercialization of these species during its closed season.

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