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Meet Melissa Clarke

Meet Melissa Clark, your go-to Concierge when visiting the Bahia Principe Jamaica resort. For the last seven years she has represented the values of the Club as one of our Brand Ambassadors.

Originally from St. Ann, also known as The Garden Parish, Melissa stays true to her roots and will be most happy to teach you about the Jamaican culture.

If you would choose a word that best describes your experience at the BPPC, what word would it be?


It would be “Growth”. Because I have been part of the Privilege Concierge team from its very beginning. Consequently, this has allow me to grow along with the expansion of the Club services. Therefore, it has been a learning experience, as we evolved to be able to offer the high quality service we offer nowadays.

How would you describe a typical day as part of the Privilege Concierge team in Jamaica?

Each member is different, each situation is unique and each response is personalized. So there is no “typical day”. It is always interesting and we hardly ever get bored.

Do you have any special story that you remember since you’ve been with the Club?

I have many, but the most touching one was a guest, who used to visit us twice a year with her husband. They had named the resort their second home. She kept on visiting after her husband passed and one day she told me, “Melissa, since my husband passed this is the only place that feels like home to me…..and that is because of you and the Privilege Concierge team”…..she brought tears to my eyes. What a compliment!

What element would you promote to encourage members to visit Runaway Bay?

Just take a look at the map, Runaway Bay is ideally situated in the middle of the north coast which gives you access to the island from a centered location.

Additionally we have a goal: to exceed your expectations.

Tell us about your travels… Do you have a destination in mind for your next vacation?

I would like to make the most out of my vacation and visit another Bahia Principe hotel. Perhaps one in the Dominican Republic. Most of all I would like to gain the perspective from the member’s point of view and bring back to Runaway Bay some of this experience!

Also, I heard the beaches are endless and beautiful there!