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Privilege Gives: Hogar San Jose

Privilege Gives

At the Privilege Club we remain committed to generating actions that contribute to the well-being of the local community through our social responsibility campaign: Privilege Gives.

On this occasion, the Privilege Gives team in Panama has taken a break from the daily operations. In order to visit the Hogar San Jose of the Missionaries of Charity, from the Mother Teresa of Calcutta congregation.

The home houses children and elderly adults, who have been abandoned in hospitals or on the street itself. They are without family to claim them, or resources. All residents suffer from a form of disabilities. From children with microcephaly and hydrocephalus, to adults suffering from brain, spinal or psychic injuries.

This center dedicates part of its resources to enhance the skills of children and adults. All within the possibilities of their own disabilities. They accomplish this through a school, and a physiotherapy center which focus on the improvement of motor skills.

The goal of the Privilege Gives campaign was to try to help improve the quality of life that the Missionaries can provide their residents.

Through Privilege Gives, the sisters received a donation of essential products, of daily use for the hygiene the children and adults. In addition to cleaning for the maintenance and care of the home. The team in Panama collected recyclable material, specially requested by the teachers of the school, where they perform activities that help improve the motor skills of children.

Amongst other needs detected by Privilege Gives, was the accommodation of the residents for which dozens of sleeping bags were also provided.

On a morning of mixed feelings, the team shared a toast with the sisters and residents. First they joined the adults in the physiotherapy room. A special moment where they shared with us their experiences in between jokes. Afterwards, quality time was spent with the young students during one of their classes. They laughed eagerly, in appreciation of the visit. Above all, the mutual exchange of love was the greatest payoff.

“We cannot always do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Maria Teresa de Calcutta.

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