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Fundacion Nido Para Angeles: Visiting Little Friends

Privilege Gives solidifies its commitment to the community, with a visit to the Fundacion Nido Para Angeles (Nido Foundation for Angels).


Fundación Nido Para Ángeles, was created on December 11, 2007, as an initiative of a group of fathers and mothers of children and young people with Cerebral Palsy (PC), with the aim of providing a therapeutic and comprehensive service to the demographic that lives with this condition. Since then, the Foundation has aimed to sensitize and educate the population about the characteristics and conditions of these children and young people since they constitute a particularly vulnerable population group within low-income communities in the Dominican Republic.

On a recent tour of its new and expanded facilities, we had the opportunity to interact with both the doctors, as well as the children present and their parents summing up about 30 families. It was moving to witness the growth of the center, which today offers different therapies and attention to their children. Among them speech therapy, motor therapy, cognitive therapy, hydrotherapy pool, as well as new educational, multi-sensory and multi-purpose rooms

In 2019 Privilege Club, through its Privilege Gives campaign, and Nido Para Angeles formalize their mutual commitment to the development of young people with cerebral palsy in Santo Domingo.

On this occasion we were able to deliver some teaching materials for the purposes of motor development. Among them games of alphabet in wood, of lace of animals, game of skewer, game of cubes, pool of balls, and additional balls for the swimming pool, puzzles several types, building blocks. We also take the opportunity to make a collaboration of cleaning materials and disinfectants for the center as well as a special donation for each child – a special lunchbox complete with the food they can consume such as compote, pudding, oatmeal, juices, milk and biscuits.

Since our first visit in 2016, the entire team reinforces their commitment to the well-being of these children, and the other communities we can reach. All thanks to the Privilege Gives campaign.

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