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Aquatic Adventures in Samaná

There are those who travel to lose themselves and achieve the maximum level of relaxation, others seek to escape from the routine and then there are those who challenge themselves to live new levels of adrenaline. The big truth is that we all have a reason to pack up and go along with the travel bug. In the destination of Samaná we can enjoy culinary experiences, days out in the wild, and, of course, aquatic adventures.

Aquatic Adventures - Aventuras Acuáticas  -  Aventures aquatiques

Did you know? The coastal area of the Samaná peninsula has many places to practice sports diving, considered some of the best places in the Dominican Republic to enjoy these aquatic adventures.

Those interested in diving will find great sites in Cosón, Playa Bonita and El Portillo in Las Terrenas and Puerto Escondido and Cabo Cabrón on the north coast of the Samaná peninsula. The latter has a depth of up to 120 meters!

If you are a fan of water sports, Playa Punta Popy, Playa Cosón, Playa Las Galeras and Playa Bonita offer the ideal conditions to practice kitesurfing and bodysurfing.

The hiking trails in the tropical forest offer a unique charm tied to the exploration routes and, why not, some adventure. The best part is that on most occasions travelers are rewarded in the form of refreshing waterfalls.

Aquatic Adventures - Aventuras Acuáticas  -  Aventures aquatiques

There popular Salto El Limón is the largest waterfall that exists in the Samaná peninsula and one of the largest on the island. Its extraordinary beauty has made it a place highly visited by tourists from all over the country. The Salto de la Cola del Indio waterfall is not far away, offering a more intimate setting, while the Rio Palmarito, also near El Limón, remains more unspoiled and offers jumps of up to 10 meters.

The walks along calm streams not only allow moments of relaxation, but also give a moment to admire the nature around.

The spots to enjoy this experience can take you off the beaten path, becoming an adventure for those who decide to explore the province. Among them is the Laguna del Diablo, whose name’s origins remain unknown, just as its depths also remain a mystery. A visit to Bahia Rincon will grant the discovery of the Arroyo Caño Frio, a creek of translucent and calm waters. And within the confines of Los Haitises National Park, we will find the Cristal Lagoon which offers underwater caves to all those in love with underwater speleology. Not far away from there is the spring Manantial Ojo del Cielo.

Aquatic Adventures - Aventuras Acuáticas  -  Aventures aquatiques

Being a destination surrounded by the sea and lush vegetation, the environments of great beauty are limitless in Samaná. Go ahead and start to discover the destination and take in how the green hues intertwine with the blue colors of the ocean, rivers, and lagoons.

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