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5 Privilege Club Experiences waiting for you at Bahia Principe

Travel may be literally out of service for the coming weeks, but that does not mean there is no vacationing in the future. Adding to the vacation photos, unforgettable memories, and cultural findings, today we leave you 5 Privilege Club Experiences that are waiting for you back in Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts.

The beach!

Whether you choose, garden view, castle view, pool view…. The beach will indeed be in close proximity. And who does not enjoy a good dose of doing anything while listening to the waves come and go? But not everything resolves to a laid-back afternoon. From beach volleyball to morning walks and castle building with the little ones; order a tropical cocktail or a chilled beer while you sit in paradise with your loved ones.

Ahh yes… nothing like enjoying the beach in the company of fellow Club members. But it goes beyond that, as the member experience has been vastly enriched with a multitude of services, such as exclusive areas, a dedicated serviced bar, beach concierge staff, and most recently the Privilege Beach Club at Las Olas Beach House in Bahia Principe Grand Punta Cana.

The Privilege Lounge

Go in the morning for a cup of coffee, go in the afternoon for a quick digestif, go in the evening just before your dinner, or maybe stop by after. Just know that you can always go to the Privilege Lounge, even if it is only to say hi. We love those as well.

This member-only spot in the hotel is a place to chill-out and enjoy a deserved couple of minutes off the Caribbean heat. A parenthesis of relaxation. A number of services offered to guests of the Club are also conveniently available here. High-speed internet, computer access, international phone calls, serviced premium bar, personalized service from the Privilege Concierge and many more elements that will surely complement your vacation.

The culinary adventure

Can you imagine going to a different specialty restaurant each night? Well, your Privilege Experience in Bahia Principe offers just that. Your all-inclusive vacation gives you the opportunity to experience many cuisines, from Nikkei to Mexican, unlimited trips to the rich salad bars, the Japanese teppanyaki and many other Asian of oriental flavors. A variety of restaurants for the meat lovers like the Brazilian rodizzio experience, the Garden Grill or the recently opened MEATS and KNIFE.

We can assume that a week as a Club member in Bahia Principe will be filled with many flavors and culinary intricacies. And we didn’t even write about the coffee shops, the desserts or the tropical fruits.

The chance to expand your horizons

Just book a flight and going to another country is already expanding the horizons by itself. But returning to Bahia Principe allows an uncomplicated cultural exchange like never before, as members from many countries converge for the same reasons, to vacation while they enjoy their membership.

In addition, the chance to venture out of the resort is always available to explore nearby attractions. Book a catamaran excursion to a paradisiacal island with fellow travelers; discover Chichen Itza, a new wonder of the world; visit famed theme parks or local popular venues; snorkel your way around the Caribbean sea, and if lucky a turtle will come by and say hello.

Head over to the Concierge Recommends for suggestions on adventures outside the hotel and to enrich your Privilege Club Experience.

The overall experience of being a Member

Beyond the food and the view is the overall experience you will have. From the very beginning when your bracelet is set in your wrist, to the very last day when the team bids you bon voyage. Your Privilege experience will dress-up with a level of differentiation. This as a result of the combination of the impeccable resort services and the Club exclusivities, such as the Premium WiFi, the member-only areas, the nightly dinners at the specialty restaurants, and much more. The personalized attention received from everyone you interact with is only another opportunity for us, to make you fall in love with your vacation and come back soon.

PS. We miss you.