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Souvenirs from Jamaica

A vacation in Jamaica warrants endless scenarios to take home the perfect vacation photos. From mile-long beaches of thin sands and crystalline waters to a rainforest that intertwines with rivers or becomes adorned with waterfalls. You can surely take a piece of the island back home by grabbing a few souvenirs from Jamaica that fit in your luggage.

We can all agree that Jamaica as a destination, will simply remain on your mind long after your stay has finished. And sure, we can always buy a key chain or a shot glass, however, if you have loved every bit of your time there, maybe this list of souvenirs from Jamaica will satiate your yearning to extend your Jamaican experience for as long as possible.

For art lovers and décor enthusiasts.
Step out of the resort and visit a local community. The go-to option is often Ocho Rios, where anyone can appreciate the works done by local artisans. If you are looking to create a unique space back home, or one that is inspired by world cultures then the Jamaican wood carvings will satisfy both objectives. If you are more into paintings, fear not as there is quite the offer available. Visit the Harmony Hall, also in Ocho Rios, and featuring the works of over 100 jamaican artists and artisans as well.

One Love
If you enjoy authentic reggae jams but your music playlist is limited to Bob Marley, what better place than Jamaica to uncover new artists. The local music selection is diverse, and many works can only be found on the island.

From high in the mountains to your coffee maker.
Sure, you can indulge in beautiful beaches and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of the islanders, but nothing beats taking a sip of Blue Mountain coffee to kick off the day. The coffee trees of the same name grow at an altitude of 2000 meters and the beans are harvested using 100% traditional methods. Only coffee grown within the confines of the legally defined Blue Mountain range can be certified as Blue Mountain Coffee. Any coffee lover would appreciate a package of Jamaican coffee, even more, if it’s 100% Jamaican.

Take back the Jamaican spirit
We’re not kidding, you can actually grab Jamaican spirits at the store or a gift shop. Local rum producers have had centuries to perfect their variety of products and rival any foreign competitor. Some of the most popular spirits found on the island and preferred by locals and visitors alike belong to the Appleton brand. In fact, Appleton Estate 8 YO Rum has received multiple accolades, the most recent being Category Extra-Aged Rum at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is produced by Appleton Estate whose operations date back to 1655 and has been producing rum since 1749.

Did you know? George Washington enjoyed Appleton! When visiting the Bahia Principe Jamaica Resort Privilege Club members can indulge in the flavor of Appleton rum at the Privilege Lounge.

For the foodie!
Amongst the best items, you can take back home that will surely carry with them a piece of Jamaica, are local jerk seasonings, local spices, frozen patties, and even cookbooks. Recreate in your kitchen that unique cuisine of African roots. Albeit not food on its own, you can also stumble upon cold-pressed coconut oil as well.

There are surely many more items you could take with you, maybe a pair of authentic Jamaican leather sandals, a hat, clothes made locally, or other crafts. All in all, just be sure to avoid the “made in China” tag.

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