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Your Carry-on: Pack Like a Pro

Going on vacation is always good news, packing however can be quite a situation for many. We came upon the 3-minute long video below many years ago, full of essential tips on how to pack like a pro for each trip, while still making sure we carry everything we need in the carry-on.

Your luggage allowance will indeed depend on your chosen airline, however here are 12 tips to pack like a pro making the most out of the carry-on.
  1. Fold and roll to save space.
  2. Stuff shoes with small items in zip logs.
  3. Use the overlapping layer formation technique for jeans, jackets, and dresses.
  4. Pack blazers inside out to avoid wrinkles.
  5. Refill travel-size bottles for shampoo and conditioner.
  6. Place plastic wrap over the bottles to avoid leaks and spills in the suitcase.
  7. Use prescription bottles for cotton swabs.
  8. Contact cases are great to store foundation or other makeup as well as little necessities.
  9. Keep delicate jewelry secure thanks to press-n-seal plastic wrap.
  10. Secure earrings together through holes of buttons.
  11. Ditch heavy books and magazines. Go digital.

And most importantly…sneak the heavy stuff into your travel partner’s bag.

Bonus! You can also join in the biodegradable wave. Nowadays you can find bamboo toothbrush and organic bags options. Here are 6 additional useful tips and easy to carry items that may enhance an eco-friendly and healthy vacation:

  1. Travel with a refillable water bottle.
  2. Pack a water filter. There are some small practical ones out there.
  3. Carry your own bamboo made cutlery.
  4. Purchase beverages in glass bottles instead of plastic.
  5. Skip the airline buds and carry your own headphones or earbuds.
  6. Say no to plastic straws. You can purchase bamboo or metal straws if you really need it.

Going vacation is meant to be stress-free and relaxing. Creating a sustainable form of travel means we will get to have many more vacations, and so will our children and theirs. Visit our Travel Talk section to read about other travel recommendations.