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A sensory experience at Bahia Spa

Imagine combining your vacation in the paradise of Bahia Principe Luxury Cayo Levantado with the special massages offered by Bahia Spa, which will take you to a unique sensory experience with the aromas of your choice.


Aromatherapy has been established as one of the most beneficial therapies for our bodies in many ways. Used as a medicinal remedy by the ancient Egyptians, this treatment is one of the first holistic techniques known to date.

Forget about stress and recharge during your next trip to the Caribbean with the body treatments offered by Bahia Spa, such as the Oleo-Harmony Massage that activates all the senses. Let’s explore the benefits of aromatherapy and massage.

Say goodbye to muscle tension. One of the most recognized benefits is its relaxing properties when the oil penetrates the skin and relaxes the muscles. If you suffer from any contracture, a gentle massage using this therapy will help you relax the area. Additionally, aromatherapy leg massages have very good properties to improve circulation and prevent problems associated with poor blood circulation.

The best anti-stress remedy. Have you ever smelled a scent with which you immediately smiled? Aromatherapy uses essential oils that, combined with each other, provide a very pleasant sensation of relaxation. This means that, by using the right scents, you will be able to free yourself from stress in a single session thanks to the feeling of well-being produced by a specific smell.

A powerful antioxidant. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are descended from a wide variety of plants. This means that in each session of body treatments a large number of natural elements are used that have a very positive impact on our health thanks to all the beneficial attributes that plants possess. And its antioxidant properties are one of them. It also works as a powerful natural antihistamine.

Minimizes scarring. Essential oils are great for skin problems like irritation, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. Applied to the skin, they act as one of the best natural scars that exist, soothing the skin and keeping it hydrated for a long time. Also, they favor the exfoliation of the skin, cleaning the pores of impurities, and they can reduce the levels of fat in areas such as the face if they are applied in the form of steam.

Body-mind balance. One of the most acclaimed features of this therapy is its strong stabilizing properties. Thanks to this type of treatment we can feel better about ourselves and relax after periods of stress. Aromatherapy is widely used to relieve moments of sadness and depression and acts as a natural reliever of moods.

Visit the Bahia Spa, either in Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado, in the rest of the Caribbean or Tenerife, and enjoy a relaxing massage with the aroma of your choice. One of the best natural remedies to disconnect 100% during your well-deserved vacation in Bahia Principe.

Remember that you can include Bahia Spa services before your arrival, through the Privilege Club online pre-check-in module which will become available 14 days before your arrival. Simply log into your account, access your reservations history for the upcoming stay, and open the pre-check-in module to book an appointment at Bahia Spa during your stay.