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Sunbathing Tips

It is highly probable that your next vacation includes sunbathing, so we’ve gone ahead and asked the experts on important facts to remember for the best results when using sun protection.

It turns out the best rules to consider are easy to remember: 30-20-2-1.

30 is the minimum SPF you should use (remember it needs to be water resistant).

20 is the number of minutes in advance of going outside that you should apply sunscreen (unless your lotion has titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which are effective immediately).

2 is the number of hours you can go without reapplying if you’re not sweating or in the water.

1 is the number of ounces you need to use to provide the SPF on the label. If you’re using lotion, that’s about the amount that would fill a shot glass.

Note: Many sunscreens feature very high SPF however many times it´s just for marketing purposes. Because the increase in UVB protection is minimal you can safely stay between SPF 30 and SPF 50.

Sunbathing tips

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