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Privilege Gives: Fundación Mundo Mejor Para La Niñez Desamparada

Continuing with the social responsibility actions initiated in 2016, Privilege Gives arrives in the Province of La Altagracia in the eastern corner of the Dominican Republic. Located in the neighborhood El Cerro in Higuey lies a special place called “Fundacion Mundo Mejor Para La Niñez Desamparada” or A Better World Foundation for Helpless Children.

Thanks to the joint effort of the Privilege Family it was possible to surprise the children who reside at Fundacion Mundo Mejor Para La Niñez Desamparada after being left by their families. In a morning full of human warmth and joy, a Christmas lunch was set along with a delivery of toys with the visit of Santa Claus himself.

It should be noted that the institution does not depend on government resources, but on companies and people who decide to support its mission. Health, basic education and access to advanced education in nearby schools are part of the efforts of the foundation. The objective being to ensure that their children receive all they need in order to re-join society. Once they reach the age of majority they receive support to look for work or continue their studies. Receiving accommodation until they can be independent. The Privilege Club social responsibility initiative, Privilege Gives, started in 2016, with a series of campaigns aimed at the local communities where the Club operates. Our mission is to give back with actions that promote social welfare. Our vision is to spread love, share our luck and invest in smiles.

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