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Top 12: Our favorite Holiday Dishes

Whether it is due to the Christmas decorations, family get-togethers, or the Holiday dishes, this season is indeed the most anticipated of the year.

Many of the children wait for the month of December with the illusion of Santa Claus. Students who have already completed their exams take advantage of the break to travel and discover nearby destinations. Many love shopping, joining the gift wrapping marathon. But what they all have in common is the love for Holiday dishes.

If you have visited Bahia Principe during this time, then you will be able to taste many of the most popular recipes of each destination. The buffets are replete with warm and juicy flavors that unleash the sweetest aromas.

Your palate will live endless emotions with the popular Holiday dishes.

Below we have listed our favorite dishes in each destination. If you have the opportunity, we invite you to try them and tell us which was been your favorite.

12 – Sorrel juice, also known as Jamaican Flower. Mixed with rum or virgin, it has the main role in the Jamaican holiday menu.

11– Glazed ham! Whether the sweet taste comes from honey or pineapple, this dish is hardly missing from many dinner tables.

10 – Fruit cake, probably one of the most popular desserts across the whole world.

9 – Eggnog, no matter if vegan, or with no rum, is probably the most sought-after beverage during the holidays.

8 – Romeritos, a wild edible plant served with meat and potatoes in a mole sauce. Consumed in central regions of Mexico during Lent and Christmas.

7 – Mixiote, a pit-barbecued meat dish. Its name derives from the film it is baked-in, obtained from the maguey leaves. The most popular are made with mutton or rabbit.

6 – Turron, a southern European nougat confection. The rectangular, hard, and crunchy texture is very popular during Christmas in Spain, Italy, and Latin America.

5 – Turkey, very popular during Christmas in countries where Thanksgiving is not celebrated.

4- Conejo en salmorejo, or rabbit marinate, is a signature dish of Canary Islands, going beyond the holiday season.

3 – Roasted pork leg or “pernil”, a classic in the dinner table and heavily loved for leftover creations. Whether baked in its juices, a la enchilada the “cochinillo” is never absent from the menu.

2 – Fruit platter, as simple is sounds in terms of elaboration. The apples, grapes and pears are the main stars of the platter.

1 – Tamales, bollos, pasteles en hoja, and the whole company of pasties wrapped in plantain leaves. These are ever-present in most tables of the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as other countries of Asia.

Bonus! Although we are sure the dinner menu is always full of yummy flavors, it is highly probable to come across a mashed potato with gravy sauce. Even with a full stomach, the creamy dish is always welcome.

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