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Excellence in Guest Satisfaction: Juana Guzman

Reaching the satisfaction of all members and their guests is the main goal for many of us in the Privilege Family. For Juana Guzman, our Brand Ambassador this month, this is also a personal achievement.

Juana has been part of the Privilege Concierge in La Romana since 2016. Today, our brand ambassador, tells us about her experience.

If you would choose a word that bests describes your experience at the BPPC, what word would it be? Why?

I’d say “excellence” because it is what the Club strives to offer its members and what I aim for every day. Consequently, I try to do my best to keep our guests in their happiest place and most of all, create a memorable vacation experience for them.

How would you describe a typical day as part of the Privilege Concierge team in La Romana?

My favorite part of the day is having a sensation of homecoming. It gives me comfort to feel I have another family here at the Bahia Principe La Romana resort, as a result performing the daily tasks and ensuring the satisfaction of our guests flows better, since we’re all in sync and aiming to the same goal.

Do you have any special story that you remember since you’ve been with the Club?

There is a particular event I remember from last June. The guests had already checked-out, and had even arrived back home when they contacted me to report an item forgotten in their room. I recall how all the departments involved reacted collectively to ensure a prompt response. We were able to not only provide the members with an immediate follow-up but to also find the item.

It was extremely gratifying, to see my name featured in their TripAdvisor review. They praised the staff and the service received during their vacation and even after it had concluded.

What element would you promote to encourage members to visit La Romana?

Well, I have to enumerate a few really. First of all is the weather, and then is the food. Also the kindness of the locals and their personalized attention. In conclusion, this is paradise.

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