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Brand Ambassador: Nadege Jean-Louis

Featuring the multicultural element that embodies the Privilege Family, our Brand Ambassador is originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She has lived in the Dominican Republic for the last 7 years. Meet Nadege JeanLouis, Privilege Concierge at the Bahia Principe Punta Cana resort.

If you would choose a word that bests describes your experience at the BPPC, what word would it be? Why?
It would be “Multicultural” because the Club itself involves several people, ethnic groups, and professionals that take part in actions that have only one interest, the satisfaction of our members.

How would you describe a typical day as part of the Privilege Concierge team?
The day begins when a member walks into the Privilege Lounge –whether it is with a general inquiry or to make use of the service therein, as we ensure everything is ready for that first visit. For me in particular, I correspond with members before they even arrive in Punta Cana. I believe first contact is essential so that our guests truly enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Do you have any special story that you remember since you’ve been with the Club?
When it comes to being part of the Club, there is usually a daily story to tell.

I remember a couple from France, they visited the resort and once their vacation concluded they wrote me an email explaining they had forgotten a bag with important personal items. I followed the hotel’s lost and found procedure. With the help of the housekeeping we were able to find their items and mail them back home.

Beyond the value of the items, it felt gratifying for me to have been of assistance and to receive their gratitude. All the teams involved were praised for their customer service skills.

What element what would you promote to encourage members to visit Punta Cana?
I have to say I love it when I hear that one of the best elements of Punta Cana are the locals, their smile, warmth and hospitality.

As a result of the variety in hotels and experiences, the range of services and accessibility, many members consider Punta Cana their second home. As time goes by we get to match the last names to the faces and smiles, which eventually become familiar as well, as members return two or three times a year. I vouch for Punta Cana, and firmly believe that the Bahia Principe Resort can meet all expectations.

Tell us about your travels… Do you have a destination in mind for your next vacation?
I am a fan of exploring the local tourism before adventuring out into the world. I think it is the best way to truly appreciate the culture of another country and, in the exchange, give something in return.

I’ve traveled around both Haiti and Dominican Republic. Enjoyed their beauty and the richness of the cultural diversity that both countries have to offer.

However, I must confess that Brazil sits in my mind, as a potential next vacation destination. I am actually learning Portuguese. I look forward to meet the locals and gain more insight about their culture. Which surely has may many stories to share.

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