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Know your destination: What is Sargassum?

SargassumSimilar to rain, a storm or a natural phenomenon such as El Niño, sargassum arrives almost every year to the Caribbean shores.

But what is it? It is an alga of the Atlantic Ocean, from the Sargasso Sea, located in the Bermuda Triangle. This type of seaweed grows rapidly, throughout the year and does not seems to have a season. Sargassum has always been present on the Caribbean coast, but in recent years its volume has grown surprisingly and unexpectedly. Currently, studies are in motion to allow experts to understand the behavior of this singularity. There are still no conclusive results.

There are theories that try to explain the rapid growth of the volume of sargassum that are reaching the beaches. Among current theories, and with no intention of sounding repetitive, global warming plays a leading role in changes in the ecosystem. On the other hand, deforestation near the coasts sends organic matter to the sea, and as a result algae landslides occur.

Normally the sargassum generates advantages for the maintenance of the beach. It acts like as a method to retain sand, which normally decreases due to the wind. In short words, the correct diffusion of algae prevents the erosion of the beaches.

Every day the beaches of the Bahia Principe hotels in the Caribbean are taken care of by the resort maintenance team. The management has personnel, and if possible even heavy machinery, to make possible the enjoyment of the beach.

We hope to learn more about this phenomenon soon. We would love to intervene even more in the enjoyment of your vacation.

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