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Fun Outdoors in Riviera Maya

Fancy a day outside the resort? In Riviera Maya, there is a whole world to explore beyond the confines of the hotel. From the lushness of the Mayan jungle to adventures full of adrenaline, day trips that will take any history buff on a unique road trip, and all the settings that make this destination a neverending world to explore. Get ready for some fun outdoors in Riviera Maya!

Sure, there are a lot of activities taking place at the hotel that technically are outdoors. However,  the extensive repertoire of unique sites that are hidden in one of the world’s iconic destinations just calls for a day outside the facilities. There are key features that one just must experience, the best example being, exploring a cenote!

Did you know? The term “cenote” derives from the  Yucatec Maya—tsʼonot—to refer to any location with accessible groundwater. This is the reason why the word is mostly employed in Mexico, if not exclusively. Although they do involve cavern and may not be outdoors perse, this is just a technicality as a great number of them do involve you step into nature. Some of the top cenotes to visit include Cenote Azul, Yal-Ku, Ek-Balam, and Ik-Kil.

Privilege tip: excursions done in Riviera Maya may feature a visit to a cenote, so don’t miss out on the chance to experience tours that combine multiple attractions for some outdoors fun in Riviera Maya.

In Mexico history and culture just go hand in hand and the Riviera Maya is no stranger to epic tales, whether they are folk tales or mythological ones. The most popular outdoor activities will no doubt feature ruins and will have you traveling back in time. The Ruins of Tulum, the pre-Columbian Mayan city of Chichen Itza, and the Ruins of Cobá are the top three to visit, to the point of being mandatory.

Looking to experience the local urbanity? Then an afternoon in Playa del Carmen will surely allow you to scratch that off the bucket list. Its famous Quinta Avenida, a 5-mile-long pedestrian street, is full of shopping sites, restaurants and bars, art galleries, and many more venues to address all interests. All colorfully adorned with the inherent flair and the Mexican fiesta ambiance.

Expand your Mexican GPS with a visit to Cozumel Island, just an hour-long ferry ride away. Boasting white-sand beaches, coral reefs, and one of the best snorkeling experiences, modern amenities, and an enormous swath of wild areas await!

Bonus! For those with time to spare in the Riviera Maya, visiting Bacalar or Mahahual will surely be a delight, and an experience to boast about for many years to come, or until you return once more.

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