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In Love With Samana: Learn Why!

If you are looking for a destination that will surprise you, a visit to Samana will no doubt leave you refreshed. With its spectacular beauty and tranquillity, but a great array of attractions, the peninsula sits in the northeast of the Dominican Republic and continues to be the answer for travelers looking for something new but familiar at the same time. We are in love with Samana because it is is delightful open, fun, and delicious!

In love with samana-enamorados de Samaná-Amoureux de Samaná

Boasting amazing beaches that will take your breath away, all very close to the Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts located in the province. Samaná is unique for its unspoiled nature, far from the modern world, showing you the true Caribbean.

Yes, we’re head-over-heels in love with Samaná… and we aren’t the only ones.

Did you know this is a favorite destination for film stars and pop idols? As well as having holiday homes in the area, they often come here to record music videos, like Enrique Iglesias with “Me Pasé” and the Dominican singer Prince Royce with his single “Morir Solo”. Royce’s video locations include Avenida de la Marina with its colorful little houses, the local beaches, and sparkling sea, and the Brug bridge.

In love with samana-enamorados de Samaná-Amoureux de Samaná

Without straying too far from the intrinsic Dominican seasonings, the local Samanense cuisine keeps the savory flavors of hearty dishes, adding coconut and ginger to many recipes. Don’t skip fried fish with coconut rice or the many coconut-based desserts prepared with the kindness that characterizes the locals.

In love with samana-enamorados de Samaná-Amoureux de Samaná

Culture & History
With legends inspired by real-life events that feature pirate adventures and the settlers from the Canary Islands, it is not surprising that Samana and its capital, Santa Barbara de Samana, still entice just about anyone to explore its attractions, some developed and others still to be uncovered. Similar to the other coastal towns of the region, the laid-back culture of the fishermen finds itself rooted in the history of the province.

In love with samana-enamorados de Samaná-Amoureux de Samaná

What To Do
Marvel at the Humpback Whales during the first months of the year. The province offers many trekking options, zip-line adventures in the air, waterfalls, and underwater experiences. and birdwatching sites. Visit Los Haitises National Park, explore untouched beaches, and dance to the rhythms of the locals at La Terrenas, a beachfront resort town featuring colorful restaurants at the strip “Pueblo de Los Pescadores”.

In love with samana-enamorados de Samaná-Amoureux de Samaná

Where to Stay
With four different options offered by Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, your all-inclusive vacation in Samana can be tailored to your needs. From a retreat on an exclusive island to indulging in amazing views from the hilltop. Stay in the heart of Samana or closer to the nightlife of Las Terrenas.

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