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Lobster Fishing Ban in the Caribbean Begins

It is certain that a visit to the Caribbean brings many things, among them, perfect beaches, a pleasant climate, and tropical delicacies. If you are an enthusiast of food and the delicacies of the sea, then you are probably familiar with the existence of fishing closed seasons. If not, we invite you to explore that article to learn a little more.

Fishing Ban

The fishing closed season, or fishing ban of a particular species, is a management measure that protects the reproduction processes of the species and ensures the continuity of the fishing activity, on which many coastal communities surely depend.

This simultaneous and harmonious action occurs for a group of Central American countries and the Dominican Republic. Here are 10 reasons why we should honor the fishing closed seasons or bans:
  • Because the fish have a certain period of reproduction based on which the closing dates are established.
  • Fish reproduce in specific habitats.
  • Each species represents unique characteristics and contributions to the ecosystem, let’s protect them all.
  • The time for species to replenish the volume taken from the sea by fishing activity is long.
  • Some species spawn only once a year.
  • Although the ban is established for ecological reasons, there are also laws that protect them and change according to country or region.
  • Fishing is an activity that must be done responsibly.
  • If you love fishing you may want to let the female spawn and wait a little longer.

Did you know? The fishing ban in the Caribbean is applied to 27 marine-coastal species, in different periods.

In 2021, in the Dominican Republic, the ban on the capture, storage, and commercialization of lobsters throughout the country began on March 1 and will run until June 30. The species under closure are the spiny lobster (Panulirus argus), pinta lobster (Panulirus guttatus), mother lobster (Parribacus antarcticus), and stone lobster (Scyllarides sp).

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