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What is a Deposit?

With thousands of guaranteed vacation options to choose from after depositing*, it is no wonder why RCI® is the ideal alternative when planning to visit destinations other than Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts or enjoy the perfect staycation. A Deposit is the Membership Week you give to RCI that enables you to book an Exchange vacation using your RCI® subscribing membership benefits. It is the first step towards getting on vacation through RCI.

What is a Deposit


Two Vacations from One Week

Exchange your week for a vacation that requires less Deposit Trading Power than your deposit is worth.

If the exchange you want requires less Deposit Trading Power than your deposit is worth, you will receive a Deposit Credit for the difference. Your unused Trading Power is placed on your account as a Deposit Credit, to use toward a second vacation.

Trade Up

Remember, you can Combine multiple Deposits and/or Deposit Credits, for a fee, to increase your Trading Power and exchange for that special vacation.

In order to deposit a Membership log in to fill the RCI deposit form or contact the Privilege Club Reservations Advisor.

Visit the RCI section to learn more about this program and its benefits. There is a world of possibilities to plan your future vacations.