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Two Tropical Flavors to Try this 2021

Traveling to the Caribbean brings an unlimited range of possibilities, new adventures to go to, picture perfect landscapes, unique moments to live with your ones, and, of course, an array of singular topical flavors that will create unique memories to take back home.

In this article, we go over two of our favorites fruits which can be added to countless recipes.

The passion fruit is native to the warm weather of the Americas and tops our selection due to its rich distinct flavor and versatility when it comes to usage. Also known as maracuyá, chinola, parchita, burucuyá, pasiflora, this refreshing fruit of many names is rich in fruity flavors, and aromatics. The passion fruit juice is a fan-favorite for salty breakfasts, often combined with patties and turnovers. Other popular recipes that include the bittersweet fruit are mousse de chinola, passion fruit cheesecake, maracuyá margarita, and many more!

Did you know? The passion fruit is very rich in fiber. If you make tea using maracuyá leaves you will get a very relaxing concoction that will surely help with any sleeping issues, cramps and spasms.

Children and adults alike probably have countless stories on how they caught mangoes as they fell from trees or even climbed to grab a few of these stone fruits. The mango is originally from South Asia; however, it has fast become one of the most widely cultivated fruits in the Caribbean. Although the taste of the fruit once ripe varies depending on the variety, they are generally sweet thus perfect for mango smoothies and chutneys.

The mango can take several forms and because of this tends to be a special guest in salty recipes such as the mango dices found in a salmon ceviche, mango dressing in a chicken salad, sauteed with shrimps, or dehydrated to be integrated into the Mexican chamoy, a sweet and spicy paste.

It suffices to say that due to its sweet flavor mangoes can be used for a great number of desserts and ice creams, or be featured in yogurts, cereal bowls, and parfaits. It is possible to eat unripe mangoes and even recommended when done moderately. It has actually become a popular snack during summer. Just peel, slice and sprinkle some salt.

Did you know? The hedgehog style is a traditional way to cut and present the mango.

Although both are technically sweet, it can be quite a tough decision to choose between passion fruit and mango since they are both unique in their own way. These are only two of the tropical flavors you can try during your vacation as Privilege Club members. Be sure to try many more during your stay at Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts. Keep sharing your photos via social media using #ExperienceBPPC or tagging our Instagram account @BPPrivilegeClub and our Facebook page.