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Your Nights in Bahia Principe

Your nights in Bahia Principe are filled with magic as the sun sets and the hotel is adorned by the blue hues coming from the pool lights.

With the day activities coming to an end until the sun rises on the next morning, your night experience in Bahia Principe brings forth unique moments that are also part of the all-inclusive. You can stroll around the hotel premises to get familiar with pop-up facilities such as make-shift terrace bars or live music in the lobby.

Your nights in Bahia Principe can add even more flair to your stay. This time of the day is also the best moment to snap that vacation photo with the whole travel party. Be it, family or friends, everyone is dressed-up and sporting the perfect tan.

You can complement your evening stroll with a visit to the Privilege Lounge or the lobby bar to grab your favorite beverage whilst getting your groove on with the music repertoire. The younger ones of the family can also enjoy activities, designed just for them by the Bahia Scouts team.

Depending on the hotel you stay at, each dinner will feature a new set of flavors that will surely take you around the globe. The specialty restaurants vary from the modern gourmet cuisine to the seasonings of the local gastronomy, the singular flavors of the Mediterranean ingredients, a variety of Asian flavors, all sorts of Italian dishes, steakhouses, and many more.

If you enjoy having your dinners at an early hour then you are in for a show, literally. Gather your companions and head to the designated area for the night entertainment show. A live spectacle put together by the resort animation team. We’ve heard some of the best Michael Jackson impersonators can be found in Punta Cana and our spies in the Riviera Maya have only but praises for the new show “Origin” in the recently renovated Bahia Principe Grand Tulum. Another option that has become popular is Silent Disco where you party to the tune coming from the headphones.

After the night show ends you still have several options to explore. Visit the lobby for the night’s activities which often include the possibility to practice a few dancing moves, to let out your inner artist through karaoke, or simply lounge on the terrace as you enjoy the ambiance.

Insider’s Tip: reach your Privilege Concierge for assistance with the BahiaApp or take a moment to review the totems placed throughout the hotel where digital information about the services and activities available at the hotel is constantly updated.

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