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5 Photos Ideas for your Social Media

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And nothing says “I’m on vacation” like a good picture of your view while you enjoy all that you’ve been longing for. Whether it is for Facebook, Instagram or another social media platform, today we leave 5 photo ideas for your social media activity.

Before going into details, let’s go around today’s type of content you can share on Facebook and Instagram:

  • Photos and videos: often shared for posterity’s, to be gazed upon as we reminisce what was happening when we took it and shared it.
  • Storys: short videos which expire after 24 hours. We go over them later on.
  • Reels: short videos which do not expire. Take a look at the reels from the Privilege Club.

Here’s a tip: be sure to turn-on the notifications for our accounts in Instagram and Facebook. That way you won’t miss any of our posts.

Here are five photo ideas to share online during your vacation:

Your view.
Talk about being somewhere and wanting the world to appreciate it with you. Whether it is the view from your room, the view from your sunbed, the view from the pool bar… Just turn on your phone camera and take a snap of that scenario that takes your breath away.

Sunrises and sunsets.
It doesn’t get more romantic or heartwarming. If you are doing photos at the beach or with scenery then insert yourself in the shot for a nice silhouette with an amazing backlight full of orange, yellow, and pinkish hues. Spread the arms and do fun poses!

If you are aiming for the sunrise, you may catch the best natural light for your photos.

Iconic spots.
The Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts are known for immaculate gardens and the numerous roundabouts that feature statues of all sorts. From statues inspired in Botero, to works in iron, pillars, and much more. Additionally, you have gazebos overlooking the ocean, piers, and… a castle! Make use of these iconic spots to snap a one-of-a-kind family picture or a cool selfie. You’ll get extra points if you take the picture during the evening.

Enjoying the facilities and services
If you are liking your experience, then by all means share it. From aqua gym by the pool to the works of the mixologist. Whether it is with a photo o with a short video, your followers are bound to enjoy your vacation as you share it with them over social media. You may even inspire others to pack and go.

Food and beverage.
We know… taking pictures of your food or your colorful tropical cocktails can sound questionable. But remember, it is your vacation, an experience that you’ve been waiting for, and who knows… you may be trying dishes and drinks you don’t get to taste back home such as local Mexican food or a good ol’ fried fish.

So go ahead, make use of the light you have, zoom out or turn the wide-angle and share a nice image of your meals or a drink in hand. Cheers to that vacation!

If you know about Instagram Stories then you must know that they have become very popular. These live videos triumph on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, being the great claim of anyone who publishes it. These are short recordings that we make to show the place where we are or an activity that we are carrying out at that moment. The best part? They describe exactly what we want our fans to see on their screen. The worst? They only last one day! So, in addition to preparing your camera to take the best pictures, get ready to record the best stories during your vacation with the Privilege Club.

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