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Brand Ambassador: Maykent Juarez

Meet our most recent brand ambassador, Maykent Juarez, who at 29 years of age stands out for his attention to the members and guests who visit the Bahia Principe Riviera Maya resort.

If you would choose a word that bests describes your experience at the BPPC, what word would it be? Why?

Camaraderie. Since I started working at the Privilege Club (2017) there has always been a loyal and honest work environment with all my colleagues. This camaraderie is what allows you to enjoy the daily routine much more. A place where everyone gets along very well.

Tell us about a day as a Concierge at the Riviera Maya… How is it like?

Sometimes it is difficult because the weather is very humid and the heat is present all the time, even in ” winter ”. But at the same time it is very fun to be able to work in such a tourist spot and to be able to meet so many people from different countries.

Do you have any special story that you remember since you’ve been with the Club?

I have met many members in these two years in the Club, but if any holds a place in my mind, it would be Ralphy Gomez´s family. I was positively overwhelmed by the levels of happiness that this family experienced, always friendly and making jokes during their vacations.

What element about the Riviera Maya would you promote to encourage members to visit?

I am from Cancun in Quintana Roo, Mexico and what I recommend most of my birthplace is the regional cuisine, in addition to the beautiful beaches that we have.

The area of cenotes is very close to the Bahia Principe Riviera Maya complex, about 15 minutes approx. You cannot leave the Riviera Maya without knowing the cenotes.

Tell us about your trips … Do you have a destination in mind for your next vacation?

I have traveled to Toronto, Montreal, Nice, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, etc. If I have to be honest, I would now like to travel to South America, possibly get to know Argentina.

I would love to enjoy a football match of my favorite team in Argentina, Racing Club de Avellaneda.

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