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Maximize your RCI Trading Power

In order to get the most out of the world of vacation exchange and your RCI® membership, first, it is necessary to understand a few key terms such as deposit and trading power. The RCI Weeks® program provides RCI® subscribing members the ability to trade their vacation week for another 7-night exchange vacation in amazing destinations at nearly 4,300 resorts in more than 100 countries.

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Orlando Florida

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Booking an Exchange vacation through RCI is the act of “trading” your deposited vacation ownership week for another week in the RCI system.

Once your Membership Week is deposited, it’s assigned a Deposit Trading Power, which is used to determine what exchange vacation options are available to you. A couple of the main components of Deposit Trading Power are supply and demand. If you own a week that is in demand by members but has limited availability, the Deposit Trading Power is likely to be higher. If you deposit a week that is less popular or has had a lot of availability, the Deposit Trading Power is likely to be lower.

Trading Power cannot be purchased. If a vacation you are interested in requires more Exchange Trading Power than your deposit, you can combine it with another deposit or Deposit Credit to increase the Deposit Trading Power you can use at one time.

The Combined Deposit feature allows you to combine multiple Deposits and or Deposit Credits for only one fee, which in turn gives you access to an Exchange Trading Power greater than your individual Deposit Trading Power. The new Combined Deposit Trading Power will be eligible to use for a vacation with a check-in date within 12 or 24 months from the combined date, depending on the option you choose. It’s a great way to help get that extra special vacation you’ve been dreaming about!

You may also extend the travel date of your Deposit Credit by combining it with a deposited Week or another Deposit Credit. You’ll have up to two years after the combined date to use your newly-combined Week.

In order to start getting the most out of your RCI Deposit Trading Power, you only need to deposit your Membership Week into your RCI account. So go ahead and log in to fill the deposit form or contact the Privilege Club Reservations Advisor.

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