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Privilege Gives: Casa Hogar Buen Samaritano Foundation

After two years contributing to the improvement of the quality of life in Claras Arribas, a local community in the heart of the Republic of Panama, and reaching out to Hogar San Jose of the Missionaries of Charity, the team in Panama has adopted a new mission with Casa Hogar el Buen Samaritano Foundation.

Casa Hogar el Buen Samaritano Foundation is a Christian social work created on February 15, 2004 in order to welcome any person suffering from HIV/AIDS and requiring some kind of support, free from any sort of social discrimination, prejudice or stigmatization by health situation. The center also provides comprehensive care in all forms, from physical to psychological, social and spiritual, thus helping the recovery and reintegration into society.

The home is inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan, which promotes helping those who need it without expecting anything in return.

All patients are free to leave whenever they wish and once they leave the Casa Hogar Buen Samaritano Foundation, they still have a personal follow-up. Even if the virus is undetectable, or after reintegrating into society in a productive way, whenever the person wishes to improve their health status, they can still go to the Foundation and receive all the necessary care and food.

Within the facilities, and thanks to the donations they receive from the different public, private and good-hearted entities, daily lunch is also provided for people in the community with limited resources, this lunch is served from 12:00 from Monday to Friday.

Sustainable planting activities are also carried out, part of their own food is grown by themselves, while another part is destined for sale, so that with the money they raise they can cover certain costs of the Foundation. Similarly, they have an area for planting and caring for ornamental plants that are also for sale.

The Santo Tomas Hospital, a renowned public medical center in Panama, has a group of specialists who, together with the foundation, provide support to their patients. This hospital also provides supplies and medicines necessary for everyone’s well-being.

After a tour of the facilities led by Erick Rodriguez and Itzela Almengor, general administrators of the foundation, the team was able to learn more about comprehensive services and how the Casa Hogar el Buen Samaritano Foundation welcomes and takes care of those affected by the HIV/AIDS. Cleaning products, personal hygiene products and dry foods are part of the contributions made by the Privilege Family.

As a final reflection, the team seeks to share the idea that a medical condition should not marginalize the person in society, or limit access to the care they need.

As a social responsibility campaign of the Privilege Club, Privilege Gives will continue to promote the welfare of the local community. Visit this section to read about other team actions.