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Member Spotlight: Peter and Sheilah Lehmer

While many look forward to discovering new destinations, Peter & Sheilah Lehmer, originally from Vancouver, Canada, have been returning to the hotels in the Dominican Republic, where they’ve made great friends and enjoy their membership benefits to the fullest.

Peter and Sheilah Lehmer have been from coast to coast, having visited most hotels in Samana, then traveled south to La Romana and then to the east coast, where they’ve delighted in the adult-only ambience of Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar, this being their favorite vacation style.

“When we travel abroad we like to go to warm and sunny destinations. We both work hard all year around. The warmth of the Caribbean along the relaxation found in the Bahia Principe hotels, soothes our bodies.

For our next vacation we are looking forward to visiting the adult-only hotel in Jamaica: Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway. This would take us to our third destination in the Caribbean!

We’ve been visiting the Dominican Republic for seven years now, and have made many friends over the time. The first that comes to mind is Jose Luis Perez, who was our Privilege Concierge during our vacation in Samana. He was one of the best concierges that we’ve ever come across, we formally adopted him into our family! We look forward to welcome him in Canada where he may count on us as a second family. The second person that we have meet and also adopted is Clotilde Tila Cardoso, a fellow traveler that is originally from Portugal but works in Switzerland. Incredible!

We would, and do recommend the Privilege Club, because we have definitely perceived its advantages. And thus enjoying the services that its members received.”

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