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Your Experience at the Buffet Restaurant

Your all-inclusive vacation in Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts is full of elements to help construct unforgettable memories, and among them is your experience at the hotel buffet.

Buffet Restaurant

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each buffet is designed to meet the expectations of all guests. With ample spaces and copious sitting arrangements, you get to choose between sitting nearby a window and having a meal with a view, pick a more centered table, go for the intimate corner, or opting for a table closer to where the action is… the buffet.

The experience at the buffet restaurant is one where everyone can find something to like, satisfy unique cravings, or give never-before-seen dishes a try. The restaurant features easy navigation to help you explore its different sections and stations and let something catch your attention. Here are three, out of many more things, you can indulge in during your visit to the buffet.

Buffet Restaurant

The local food

Indulge in exotic recipes that are actually part of the local gastronomy. The Dominican buffet will have you trying the mangu for breakfast, the local signature puree made of green plantains. During lunch you can stumble upon a number of rice recipes, where you can see the cereal being stirred with pretty much anything, such as paella, rice with pigeon peas and coconut milk, or rice with black beans. If the heat is still manageable, give the local sancocho a try, the hearty stew is a gem of the local cuisine.

The Mexican buffet also features plenty of representations of the local cuisine. Amongst the most popular are the fresh tortillas, sopes, tostadas, chilaquiles, enchiladas, mole, cochinita pibil, and of course avocado in all its forms. The buffet restaurant in Jamaica opens the path into a number of local dishes and snacks that truly carry the essence of the Jamaican vibe. Be sure to try the Ackee with Cod, the popular jerk chicken, and indulge in the patties and snacks such as bammies or the festival.

Buffet Restaurant

The international cuisine

While each local cuisine has its distinct flavors and sultry dishes to present, the international cuisine is also featured in the hotel’s main restaurant and it begins with an assortment of bread in all its forms and freshly baked for you. Never to be missed from the scene are the extensive salad bars, cheese stations, charcuterie, sushi bars, cremes and soups, intricate finger foods, and mini dishes constructed with fresh ingredients and presented in the most creative of ways.

The grill station presents an array of proteins for you to choose from including chicken, meat, beef, pork, and different types of fish. Just pick a favorite and let the grill master cook it at your heart’s desire. Visit the pasta station and choose between a hot lasagna or a pasta plate of your own imagination or rendezvous at the hot stations for already prepared foods. Anybody up for a fillet mignon with sauteed potatoes?

Insiders’ Tip: Each night the buffet will dress up with a country theme that vastly enlarges the variety of the food from that specific country while still offering local and international dishes. If you are opting to dine at the buffet instead of the specialty a-la-carte restaurant, be sure to find out the theme for dinner so your lunch of that day gives you the chance to try something different.

Buffet Restaurant

For the sweet tooth

Choose between fresh fruits, yogurt and cereals, warm donuts, and a variety of baked goods, sophisticated desserts, sorbets, and… ice-cream. Because there is something for anyone. The last course of the meal, the dessert, simply becomes too hard to ignore when the buffet offers you so much to choose from. With chocolate fountains, bowls of custard creme, caramel, jellies and so much more. If are you are adept in the kitchen it will not be too difficult to create an original dessert during your visit to the buffet

Did you know? Breakfast is the most popular part of the buffet. Who would have guessed? If you enjoyed this article be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more similar content such as our latest article on Jamaican dishes not to be missed.