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Privilege Gives: Jackie’s House of Love

The Privilege Gives campaign in Jamaica is honoured to have partnered with Sister Jackie’s House of Love back in 2016.



In recent days the Privilege Family in Jamaica returned to Jackie Root’s home, to honor their commitment to the shelter. Due to a recent change of neighbourhoods, the team took to providing assistance in making the new house more welcoming. Maintenance works were done in the patio and outdoor spaces. Most notably because the goal is to prepare the area, so fruits and vegetables can be planted.

Looking forward to reach this goal, the Privilege Gives campaign also left gardening equipment and power saw.


Additionally, first need products were provided, such as food and pampers. Furthermore, clothes, toys and shoes were also provided for the children.

Jackie’s House of Love has been providing shelter to abandoned children, young adults and even elderly, some of which are sick or physically impaired. Some have stayed with her while others return in time of need, knowing Jackie will welcome them with her arms wide open and a heart full of love.
We look forward to assisting Jackie, as she spreads her love to everyone around.

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