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Resale/Rental Advisory

Due to an increase in consumer telemarketing fraud aimed at vacation club owners, we feel it is important to remind members the Privilege Club does not have a resale nor rental program of memberships. 

Stay alert to identify scams
We’ve seen an increase in new scams involving emails, texts, or phone calls about membership resale, rental of weeks, transfer fees, etc. Scammers may often have basic contact information and present an enticing membership purchase offer. They may pretend to be a Bahia Principe representative or to be contacting you on behalf of the Privilege Club and request upfront payment for their services. Be cautious of upfront fees. Always confirm requests are legitimate before responding. You can verify the credibility of the communication by reaching our Service Center.

How to recognize valid communications
Spot a phishing email by verifying the sender’s email address. Scammers will misspell, add characters, etc., to email addresses and domain names. All emails from the Privilege Club contain the domains  @bppclub.com@bpprivilegeclub.com, or @supportbppclub.com. The Club will not write to you from any other domain.

Your security is a top priority
We’re constantly monitoring our mailing lists. Make sure we have your current contact information by reaching the Service Center. Updating your contact and address information is essential to keep you up-to-date with all new developments.