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Unique experiences to live at Bahia Principe

Being Privilege Club members is not limited to the advantages of your membership, but also to the enjoyment of unique experiences.

Here we leave you five unique experiences you can enjoy when in Bahia Principe.

Your first time at the beach

For anyone living in an island or nearby the coast, access to a beach may be granted. But there are many who live hours or even days away from it. Watching as the horizon is filled with ocean water or as the feet experience the caress of the waves may even be a dream. Any of the Bahia Principe hotels is ideal for that first encounter with the salty waters. Be it turquoise or deep blue, any shade of the color is bound to capture the hearts of those that live far away from the ocean.

Your first time soaking the feet in the beach can be combined with your first time snorkeling. Can you imagine interacting with the sea turtles and snapping your first underwater picture of colorful fishes in one go?

Gift a never-ending fun experience to your little ones.

Where else can you find a waterpark, ice cream corner, the beach, and a castle? Fantasia Bahia Principe offers themed hotels for dedicated to the youngest of the family. A day full of entertainment awaits in Punta Cana or Tenerife!

Complete with all kinds of services ideally designed to attract children of all ages, and still satisfy the vacation needs of adults alike. The Fantasia brand is just that…. A fantasy come true. Hotels where you will feel the magic of being a child again, surrounded by local culture, legends, and many surprises…

Accepting a life-long commitment?

Be it intimate or a romantic extravaganza, you can’t deny that the majestic sites of Bahia Principe would be ideal for a wedding.

Floral decorations, live music, cocktails, cake and… all-inclusive. Starting at groups of 16 guests, Bahia Principe offers wedding packages that suite all the needs of the bride and groom.

Start the rest of your life sharing the beauty of your surroundings. Would you say “I Do” during your vacation?

Adventures with the local fauna

Visiting the Caribbean or the Canary Islands presents a unique opportunity to enjoy a one-on-one with the animals nearby.

Visit Samana from January through March for the best chance of seeing the humpback whales. Many cetacean species can be admired during your visit at Tenerife or throughout the Riviera Maya and Cancun. Hiking tours will indeed provide a chance for bird watchers to rejoice as they might get a glimpse of the colorful birds of the tropics.

The Bahia Principe Riviera Maya resort features a wide range of local fauna within its own premises, including iguanas, coati, agouti, macaws among others. And, during the sea turtle nesting season, you can join Eco-Bahia and meet the popular reptiles. The ideal dates to witness the hatching is from late August to early October.

Discover new worlds… in the form of new cultures!

You have the Tainos in the Dominican Republic, the Mayans in Tulum, the Arawaks in Jamaica and the Guanches in Tenerife. But culture is not only limited to native inhabitants.

Visiting Bahia Principe presents you with a chance to dive into the local folklore of each destination. Its rhythms and language. Its culinary diversity and seasonings. Its customs and beliefs. And while the most customs have been passed on through generations, many are so much fun or interesting they can be easily adopted one’s own.

Just because they are unique experiences, does not make them unreachable.

Dance to the tune of merengue and learn how to make casaba cookies. Discover that not all Mexican food is spicy and just in how many recipes you can use corn flour or tortillas. Understand what the Rastafari culture is all about. Trade patties for tapas and indulge in the songs a ukulele can produce along with a tambourine.

Where carnival is an intrinsic part of the culture and the, old songs tell stories of revolution before becoming romantic verses, and typical dresses may still be worn by the locals.

What do you think about these unique experiences? Share your pictures of similar special moments you may have lived during your vacation. Don’t forget to tag us in Instagram or Facebook.

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