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Get More out of Your Membership

We all want to put on the swimsuit and just lay back and enjoy the days under the sun. To feel pampered. To indulge in savory flavors. To create unforgettable experiences… Planning the perfect vacation is the first step towards fulfilling our wishes for leisure. Let’s go over a few steps to follow in order to get more out of your Privilege Club membership, a more personalized service, or simply get more out of the time on the phone with the Service Center. 

More out of Your Membership

Always have your membership agreement number. 
Whether you know it by memory, have it in your smartphone contacts list, or have written it down in a trusty sticky note you posted in the fridge door… always have those six-digits nearby when contacting the Privilege Club Service Center.  

Remember, your membership agreement number is what identifies you as a Privilege Club member. It is unique, and it is just six numbers. Having it on hand will allow the advisor to provide you with a more efficient and personalized service. 

Tip: you can find your membership agreement number on the very first page of your agreement acquisition. It is also referred to as the “contract number”. 

Keep your contact information up-to-date. 
The Club is in constant contact with its members. Be it to follow-up on a particular request, assist with the vacation planning, or follow-up on their experience at Bahia Principe. Keeping your contact information up-to-date will ensure the Club can always reach you. 

Also, providing the Club with a current and active email address is essential in order to be added to its e-mailing lists, receive important communications, special promotions, news, etc. 

Tip: business email addresses may have restrictions to receive emails. If you are not the owner of the domain, always sure to use a personal email address. 

Your membership is your own. 
The program you have acquired has been tailored to your needs. Getting familiar with the traveling season enabled for you, the use of your Membership Weeks, and the benefits of the Member Preferred Rate is ideal to obtain more from your membership. 

Explore the destinations available. 
The Privilege Club features 20+ hotels available throughout Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Tenerife, Canary Islands. One destination alone can feature a number of different hotels, such as Punta Cana, where six different hotels can be found within the Bahia Principe Bavaro resort. 

As each hotel features a range of experiences and services within the all-inclusive formula destined to meet the preferences of many travelers, we can’t recommend enough getting familiar with each hotel. Your vacation can be revitalizing or filled with adventures, a magical family getaway, or romantic in a secluded corner. 

Tip: read our article on Bahia Principe “A Place for Everyone” to learn more about the Bahia Principe ExperiencesEscape, Treasure, and Friends & Family. 

Go online! 
Navigate our website for detailed information about each hotel, the Club, RCI, and more. 

Amongst the perks of being a Privilege Club member are the online services. You just need to log-in to access all the essential information about your membership. Review hotel availability for the travel dates you have in mind, check-out any ongoing special promotions, request an RCI deposit, download the most recent member guide, etc. 

Don’t have log-in credentials? Don’t worry, you can create them in just a few clicks as all members can register to activate them. 

If you need assistance activating your online account and gaining access to the Member Area, just give us a call at the Service Center

Join our online community. 
Share your own testimonials as members of the Privilege Club visiting Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts or your experience with the membership. Keep sharing your experiences and photos via social media using #ExperienceBPPC or tagging our Instagram account @BPPrivilegeClub and our Facebook page