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10 photo ideas to execute at Bahia Principe

In this article we leave you ten photo ideas to add up to your vacation album, or share via social media, miss during your vacation in Bahia Principe.

Let the photographer who lives in you wake up –or that which hides in the body of one of your traveling companions.


If you visit Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa do not miss the opportunity to take a photo on the bridge of the elevator that overlooks the beach. You can choose where to take a shot, either from a window in the main building or on the bridge itself. The view will be equally surprising.

Find your favorite palm tree in Punta Cana and turn it into a striking element of your photo. Of course, blue-toned beaches will not hurt the photo. For a better finish, avoid the sun being behind you. You will get additional points if you find one of the popular horizontal trunk palm trees, product of the winds and the weather.

A coconut or a pineapple? It is so easy and at the same time so difficult to choose which will be that exotic element for the souvenir photo of your holidays in the Caribbean. Find your favorite tropical fruit and strike a fun pose. Whether on the beach or the pool, do not miss the opportunity to show off your vacation and do it with style.

Capture your silhouette during a beautiful sunset of different shades. You just need to take a relaxed walk along the beach of Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo or watch the sunset from the beach gazebo in Grand Bahia Principe La Romana and Luxury Bahia Principe Bouganville. This backlit photo can be as romantic as it is fun, a panoramic shot or close-up. Try it!

Create a contrast with the Mayan ruins of Tulum. When visiting the Bahia Principe Riviera Maya resort, a few minutes away you will find one of the most popular attractions in the area, right next to an incredible beach of turquoise waters. Locate the position of the sun and choose the best place to capture a great picture in front of the ruins. Wear brightly colored clothes to create a nice contrast with the blues and grays of the background.

Fun and happiness can also be captured in a photo. Visit any of the Bahia Scouts Waterparks to make fun pictures with the little ones. Between the peculiar fountains of water and the slides of striking colors you can preserve in photo genuine smiles, laughter and unique family moments.


Capture an unforgettable moment of your life. The best background can be the hotel itself. With impeccable white colored decor, majestic greens in palm trees, unique themes and Victorian architectures, the best scenarios will be the unique corners of each hotel. You only have to bring that element that will give the unique and intimate touch to the photo.

Family photos cannot be a miss and what better way to execute it than do a “selfie”. There are countless mechanisms to make a self-photography and almost all of them occupy very little space in the suitcase. So, go ahead and look for the ideal scenario and pose your best million-dollar smiles for that fabulous memory of the family vacations.

In the age of technology it is no longer a challenge to take a photo underwater. If you plan to practice snorkeling during an exciting excursion, we recommend that you take a waterproof camera with you. We assure you that it will be a photo to preserve and presume. Either with a sea turtle or posing among fish of different colors. We only ask that if you see a sea star, you pose next to it, but never take it out of the water.

Under the rays of the sun, and with the wonderful backgrounds that Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts offers, you cannot miss your five minutes of stardom. Either early in the morning or in a desolate corner of the hotel, try to capture your spontaneous photo. Look at the horizon, don’t make eye contact with the camera, exactly as if you did not know that you are the model of said picture.

Finally we leave you a bonus among our photo ideas. Be part of the trend and capture an eloquent but romantic photo. Have the photographer hold your hand, add a beautiful background and try to get the camera to focus on you, still including the hands holding the photo frame. In just a few minutes you will have your magazine photo.

Use the hashtag #ExperienceBPPC and share the best photos of your vacation at Bahia Principe. We look forward to see if these photo ideas are of your liking and to see your own ideas.

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