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Tenerife For Nature Lovers

Do you have everything ready for your next trip to Tenerife? This beautiful island has many peculiarities that make it unique. Volcanic terrain, rock pools, original festivals and traditions, gastronomy… And a large number of natural treasures that are the favorite attraction of all nature lovers. Tenerife is famous for being a region dominated by rock formations, Canarian pines, and landscapes full of contrasts ranging from the driest and rockiest settings to the greenest fields, full of vineyards and native species.

If you love getting lost on endless trails and you are looking for what to do in Tenerife, we have prepared a list of the wonders that this piece of land in the Atlantic offers to enjoy with your family, your partner, and your friends.

Because the true essence of a destination is discovered by living it, nature lovers are experts in exploring, and indulging, in all the details.

The Territorio Antiguo, or Old Territory, is one of the most charming excursions to do in Tenerife. This magical sanctuary combines two of the great Tenerife volcanoes, Montaña de Taco and Trevejo, with the incredible Acantilado de Los Gigantes and the ravines of Masca and Carrizales. The best example of the island’s volcanic era is found in this beautiful plot. If you want to travel thousands of years back in time and be dazzled by volcanic landscapes around the sea, we recommend that you take a day to visit this natural wonder located in the northwest of the island.

Chinyero Mountain is ideal for the whole family to explore. The Chinyero Special Nature Reserve covers more than 2000 hectares and is the best space for your children to explore nature on a simple excursion of no more than an hour and a half in length.

Los Dos Valles, or two valleys, is another wonder of nature. A breath between the mountains. The Güímar and Orotava valleys offer incredible views of the island’s volcanic formations, while being one of the best viewpoints in Tenerife. The particularity of these valleys lies in their contrasts. As the sides of the same coin, while Güímar has a dry and warm climate, that of the La Orotava valley is humid and soft, thus producing a great variety of natural species from one valley to another. Gravitational slippage is worth a visit.

Alto de Guajara is a very accessible excursion through Teide National Park that climbs up to 2,715m in height until reaching Alto de Guajara, the third highest summit in the park and the one that served as an observatory for astronomer Jean Mascart to study Halley’s Comet in the year 1910.

Mount Teide is the jewel of the island. Without a doubt one of the best plans to do in Tenerife. And one of the biggest challenges for any hiker. Located in a National Park that bears the same name and rising to a height of 3,718m, this volcano is the highest peak in Spain and the third largest volcano on Earth. It is declared a World Heritage Site and to travel its top you need a special permit that you can obtain at the offices of the National Park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Or if you prefer, you can enjoy the incredible views offered from the cable cart, which ascends from the mount skirts skirt to La Rambleta, a plain located at 3,500m, very close to the Altavista mountain refuge. Are you ready for your expedition? Fall in love with Tenerife going through its beautiful trails and letting yourself be caught by the magic of its volcanoes. You can also browse the blog for more articles about Tenerife, the island of eternal spring.