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Concierge Recommends: Tours from Runaway Bay

Home to reggae music legend Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, the jerk sauce and all-inclusive resorts such as the Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Bay and the Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica, Jamaica is also loaded with a range of experiences for you to complete your vacation.

River Drafting

Ocho Rios


Blue Hole

Nine Mile

Montego Bay Jamaica

Dunn River

Falmouth Cruise Port

War Memorial Monument in downtown in Falmouth, Jamaica

Set between St. Ann and Salem, Runaway Bay is ideal for snorkelers and divers, and conveniently located so that you may explore nearby attractions as well. Here we leave you a few spots to explore on your next adventure at Runaway Bay.

Ocho Rios

Visit Ocho Rios to experience true Jamaican vibes and arts. The crafts market provides with colorful souvenir of all kinds. The town is also gateway to several attractions in the area, such as Dunn’s River Falls.

Dunn’s River Falls

After an hour-long climb of the waterfalls, at a slow pace, you will be graced with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. This spot is easily one of Ocho Rios’ most visited and an undisputable national treasure. Water from four rivers flows into Dunn’s river and straight into the Caribbean Ocean. As you can see there are not really from eight rivers, as the town’s name “Ocho Rios” would have one thinking.

You can visit Konoko Falls Park in Ocho Rios for another version of a similar tour –a shorter but very fun experience.

Glistening Waters: The Luminous Lagoon in Falmouth.

A popular boat night tour where magic comes alive even for scientists! Home to billions of bioluminescent microorganisms that light up when touched, the Luminous Lagoon will have you splashing water all around.

A stroll around the port town of Falmouth is also recommended. Featuring streets that still retain their Georgian architecture, it becomes an ideal spot to catch up on Jamaican history and heritage.

Green Grotto Caves

Your first visit may be a little scary, but don’t be afraid. Named after the green algae that cover its walls, its atmosphere produces the perfect adventure full of mystery and adventure. Here are three interesting facts about the site: the cave was former home to the Arawak Indians, its innermost cavern contains a crystal-clear underground lake and you may remember it from a famous James Bond film from 1973.

Nine Mile in St. Ann

If you’re a fan, you can visit the birthplace and hometown of reggae legend Bob Marley. Explore the remote village of Nine Mile, located in St Ann parish. This is the idea place to learn about the Rastafarian religion that the musician practiced and of course, try his coffee.

White Witch of Rose Hall Plantation in Montego Bay

According to some, there are secrets hiding in the walls of the eighteenth century old manor. The local lore surrounding Rose Hall entail how the ghost of Annie Palmer, the first mistress of the manor, roams around the house. In any case, if you are in for a history and culture trip, a tour to Rose Hall is a must.

You vacation in Runaway Bay can be whatever you want it to be, from relaxed and romantic in a secluded –yet magical spot, to an authentic adventure! River drafting, zip-lines jungle exploring, horseback riding or simply chill on the catamaran… all of these are also available.

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