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10 words you should know before your trip to Tenerife

Do you know what a “fisco” is? Or what “golifiar” means? Listening to a conversation between Canarians is a curious singularity, not just because of how happy they look when they are speaking but also because of how difficult it may be to crack what they are saying without a little help. We know how important it is to immerse ourselves in the culture of the destination we are traveling to and so, with this in mind, we are going to teach you the ten words to learn before your trip to Tenerife and so that you can have a conversation like any other Canarian.

 trip to Tenerife

Guagua: This is the most popular word of them all. You might have heard this from someone who has recently traveled to Tenerife as it is a word that everyone remembers. If you need to get somewhere, all you have to do is wait for the “guagua”, the term for a bus, which will take you to your destination. You may have heard it before, during a trip to the Dominican Republic, where the word has the same meaning.

Abollado: This is an expression you will only use after trying delicious Canarian cuisine. When you feel you cannot eat another bite, you just simply say: “estoy abollado”, which literally translates to “I’m stuffed”.

Agüita: We all know that Tenerife boasts incredible beaches but be careful not to get confused if you hear “agüita” (normally associated with water), they are not talking about the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean. This word is used to express surprise or admiration for something that has happened or for something you have said.

Calufo: The Canaries is known for its pleasant and warm all-year-round climate. When it is very warm, a local from Tenerife would say “fuerte calufo”.

Chascar: This could only mean one thing: to munch.

Fisco: If you want to try different Canarian dishes but do not want to get too full, you can ask for a “fisco”, which is a little of every dish to avoid feeling abollado, or sick due to eating too much.

Canelo: Did you know that the brown color does not exist in the Canary Islands? Instead of this, Canarians use the word “canelo” which translates to cinnamon, adding “oscuro” or “claro” to specify the dark or light tone of the color.

Cotufas: If you go to the cinema, ask for delicious cotufas, the term for popcorn.

 Golifiar or “golisnear”: means to gossip.

Tenderete: This is the word used when referring to a party, and the more traditional the party, the better. The lively carnivals of Tenerife are the best example of a “Canarian tenderete”.

These popular Canarian phrases are important to know before you set off on your all-inclusive holiday to Tenerife. Write down these 10 words on your notebook or mobile and let the hospitality of the Canary Islanders take care of the rest. Are you visiting another destination? Then take a look at our articles on popular words used in Mexico, phrases you will hear when in Jamaica or get familiar with a diverse range of words employed by the locals in the Dominican Republic.