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Health and well-being: The 4 pillars of Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts

With a comprehensive vision and faithful to the strategy taken from the beginning, the safety and hygiene protocols at Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts present a series of measures that guarantee health and well-being, based on 4 pillars, or principles of action. Its primary objective is the contribution of value in each of the interactions with customers, with suppliers, and among employees.

Ensure healthy and sustainable environments.

Taking care and preserving the surroundings, so that they are healthy and sustainable places. Following the guidelines of the social distance of 2 meters in all areas, the capacity of the facilities has been limited, and outdoor experiences are enabled and encouraged.

Among other guidelines within this pillar, hygienic-sanitary measures have been reinforced, environmentally friendly disinfection systems have been implemented, as well as the use of certified products and expert advice such as Diverse and Ecolab.

To watch over the health of the people.

Work to improve the physical, mental, and social well-being of all stakeholders.

Among the measures taken are the training of people, the integration of the local community into the health and safety plan, access controls to the hotel, communication and awareness, the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the installation of acrylic screens, the establishment of efficient detection protocols and action in lieu of positive cases of COVID-19. The permanence of 24 hour medical attention services also remains available.

Guarantee safe and responsible services with careful and personalized attention.

Review processes and increase standards to ensure safe and responsible services with a maximum level of personalization. Compliance with safety and health protocols in all areas of the hotel through proper signaling of social distancing and the creation of monitoring and supervision committees, the Cleankeepers.

Both independent external and internal audits are maintained, ensuring the validation of hygienic-sanitary protocols.

Enhance a digital adapted experience.

Fostering the 360 ​​digital experience to streamline processes and guarantee agile and personalized interaction. For this, information is provided in real-time, through different digital platforms. While at the same time, the experience creates a 360 Digital Client. With interactions through their mobile devices and the implementation of digital processes, the e-Concierge, and access to general information through properly displayed QR codes.

In order to guarantee the adequate implementation and compliance of these measures, which are broken down at the operational level into different specific protocols per department, a committee has been established at the corporate level, in addition to a monitoring committee, the redeployment of teams and the dialogue between all stakeholders.

The doors to paradise are already open, and many more will open very soon. As we put these health and well-being measures into practice, we look forward to seeing Privilege Club members return and create new vacation experiences.

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