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Discover Health Benefits of the Beach

Very few people really need a reason to go to the beach, but we wanted to highlight just how incredibly beneficial a trip to the beach is. From the relaxing sensations to the sense of freedom one can experience from just being there. Let’s go over the benefits of the beach that we can enjoy from a single visit.

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Like many things in life, moderation is a must in order to truly indulge in the benefits of going to the beach. After all, it is not unknown that too much sun can be harmful to the skin. However, when sunbathing with moderation and wearing the appropriate skin protection, the UV rays can actually be of benefit.  When taken moderately it helps the body produce vitamin D and calcium, strengthen bones and muscles, and improves rheumatism and arthritis. With enough caution, those with psoriasis can also find an ally in the sun.

Is there a better way than a trip to the beach to catch some UV rays and reap in the other benefits of the beach?

A good night’s sleep is guaranteed after a day at the beach, as is mental health. Among other advantages of spending a day of leisure listening to the waves of the sea, feeling the sand on your feet, and taking in the warm rays of the sun, it is known that it improves the general mood and, therefore, helps to reduce depression, stress and anxiety.

Have you heard about Beach Therapy? It is known by that name because all the positive elements there cause the release of serotonin in the human body, a key hormone that regulates mood, anxiety or happiness, altering the state of the brain. For this reason it is also known as the hormone of happiness.

A day at the beach also works wonders on open wounds thanks to the antibacterial and antifungal properties of ocean water which is rich in iodine. The skin will appreciate this trip as well after the sand does its job exfoliating feet, hands and body, and thus removing dead skin cells. Toxins will be swept off your pores as they become filled with ocean water.

Health and fitness are not left behind, as both improve significantly thanks to time well spent at the beach. When carrying out activities in the water the body is exposed to great resistance, but of very low impact. This form of exercise is ideal for people with recent operations or joint pain. When out of the water, just walking in the sand has its level of difficulty, because a greater number of muscles are used, especially when walking barefoot.

There surely are many more benefits of the beach, a great and enjoyable feature of nature.  But for now, we have a number of reasons why a trip to the beach should be prescribed from time to time.

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