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Mexican Tacos & Their History

Tlaxcalli is how corn tortillas are called in Nahuatl, the language or group of languages of the Uto-Aztecan language family. And, if this language goes back to the fifth century, then you can grasp just how antique is the concept of Mexican tacos.

Tacos Mexicanos-Mexican tacos-Tacos mexicains

Tacos are a staple of the Mexican cuisine, being part, and a mirror reflection, of the cultural and gastronomical diversity that exists within the country. Each estate, region, or town having its own traditions when it comes to preparing tacos, their fillings, and garnishing.

Did you know? A Mexican banquet whose main dish is the taco is known as Taquiza. It is celebrated both informally between friends and family or as a private event with an open buffet or specialized chefs, the taqueros. There are event organizers specialized in this concept, the taquizas planners!

Here are some interesting facts about Mexican tacos:

Corn tortillas were already part of the preColumbian cuisine of the region, which means that today’s taco is a direct inheritance of the time.

According to chroniclers of the era, such as Francisco de Aguilar or Bernal Díaz del Castillo, we know that in the 15th century Moctezuma I’s table served hot corn tortillas as an accompaniment to food, and that he used the tortillas as a spoon to hold and consume the food.

The first record of a taquiza was documented in the 16th century in Coyoacán, when the conqueror Hernán Cortes fed his soldiers corn tortillas with pork. A trend that would be replicated in areas of La Conquista.

By the end of the 19th century, tacos were considered a food for the lower class. It would only take a few decades for the dish to gain popularity in Cuautla, Morelos. It was quickly followed by the Tacos de Canasta in San Vicente Xiloxichitla, Tlaxcala. And by 1966, the undisputed king of tacos emerged, at least due to popularity, the taco al pastor, a Mexican format of the well-known shawarma. In the 21st century, the taco al pastor has been chosen by the digital magazine, Taste Atlas, as the best food in the world.

The different ways that corn tortilla, stews, vegetables, Mexican flavors, and spices can be cooked and eaten are the components of the endless ways you can eat authentic Mexican tacos. And although for some a taco is nothing more than meat wrapped in a tortilla, in Mexico this goes further. Each region, taquero, chef or family member brings a unique singularity to this exquisite dish available for all tastes and budgets.

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