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Hand luggage: To take or not to take?


If you’re wondering which items are prohibited in your hand luggage (and which items you can take), read this article as it should answer some of your questions before you travel to the Caribbean.

For a while now, electronic items that aren’t checked in have to go through security control in a separate tray. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you need several trays when going through customs control.

When it comes to liquids… Personal hygiene is important when we travel. We recommend you separate liquids in zipper storage bags, and ensure that each container does not exceed 100 ml.

Any quantity above 100 ml could mean you lose your favourite perfume if it’s in your hand luggage.

You can take liquid medication on-board with you if it’s necessary during your journey. Just remember to take it within zipper storage bags. You should also take your prescription or proof of prescription with you as you might be asked for it. We recommend you to double check with your airline if you have, any questions about taking medications or medical equipment in your hand luggage.

Below is a list of 40 items that you can and cannot take in your hand luggage.

Corkscrew: No

Spoon: Yes

Knife: No

Large scissors: No

Fixed blade disposable razors: Yes

Razor blades and straight razors: No

Cutter: No

Nail clippers: Yes

Tweezers: Yes

Knitting needles: Yes

Sewing needles: Yes

Umbrella: Yes

Walking stick: Yes

Wheelchair: Yes

Pushchair: Yes

Lighter: No

Liquid for contact lenses: Yes

Switchblades: No

Laptop: Yes

Tablets: Yes

MP3 player: Yes

Hairdryer or straightener: Yes

Camera and equipment: Yes

Travel iron: Yes

Electric shaver: Yes

Inhalers: Yes

Martial art equipment: No

Diving equipment: No

Fishing rod: No

Sports bat, racket or stick: No

Cue sticks: No

Golf clubs: No

Darts: No

Hiking poles: No

Powder or liquid baby formula: Yes

Sterilised water for a baby: Yes (in a baby bottle)

Soy milk for babies: Yes

Baby food: Yes

Sprays or pressurised contents: No

Soft foods: No

Please be aware that this list is just a selection of items that people might have questions about. Consequently, you should ask your airline for a complete list of all items.