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October’s Flavor: Michelada

We are always in high spirits when it comes to re-living our favorite Mexican customs and making beer cocktails is one of the many unique aspects of the local gastronomy.

Use your favorite Mexican beer (Dos Equis XX, Corona, Modelo, Sol, etc) and prepare your own Michelada. Which is one of the most famous Mexican beer cocktails, and an ongoing trend in many bars of the Caribbean:


Juice of 1 lemon

12 oz. of beer

½ spoon of hot sauce

½ spoon of English sauce (Worcestershire)

½ spoon of Soy sauce (Maggi)

Salt for the glass rim

Ice cubes



Cut the lemon in half, using one half to wet the glass rim. Turn the glass upside down and push it firmly, but softly, against a plate of salt.

Fill the glass with the ice cubes and pour in the lemon juice along with the sauces. Be sure to not overdo the proportions, as all ingredients are very strong in flavor.

Finally add the beer and stir.

Here are a few traditional beer cocktails you can also try:

Use dark beer and 1 pinch of black pepper for a Michelada Oscura (Dark Michelada).

Bring in the Clamato and mix your very own Ojo Rojo (Red Eye).

Not ready for the mix? Salt the glass rim, pour the juice of two or more lemons and add Mexican beer for a Chelada, a lighter version of the Michelada.