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Benefits Of Going To The Beach [Part 2]

Taking a stroll on the sand, feeling the seawater on the shore caress your feet, relaxing under the sun … wearing that swimsuit that you bought a long time ago and you have not yet used. All of this, believe it or not, contributes to mental health. On this occasion, we revisit the benefits of going to the beach, especially due to the two elements that are constant in this adventure, the sun, and the seawater.


Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium, which makes our bones stronger. We can obtain vitamin D2 from food, while vitamin D3 can only be obtained through the stimulation of the sun’s rays. And what better way to give ourselves a good dose, than going to the beach!

And since we are talking about the sun, you can kill two birds with one stone since sunbathing is also related to health defenses. By exposing ourselves to the warm rays of the sun wisely, we can increase the number of white blood cells, both neutrophils, and lymphocytes. These make up the body’s defense and help you prevent respiratory diseases or infections. Other studies also affirm that sun exposure regulates metabolism and helps correct hormonal secretion. Imagine, going to the beach just makes us work better.

Another element, impossible to ignore, on a trip to the beach is the seawater itself, which is rich in mineral salts, iodine, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, making it a powerful skin regenerator. The antibiotic and antiseptic action facilitates healing, a fact that you will have already noticed if you bathed in seawater with a recent scratch. On your next trip to the beach, let the wet sand act as a natural exfoliator, apply it to your skin for a few minutes and you’re done. A Spa treatment had never been easier to get.

In our first part of this article, Discover Health Benefits of the Beach, we wrote about how swimming in the sea provided body health and improvements in physical condition. To these, we add the recovery of muscles and certain injuries as additional advantages to consider when listing very valid reasons to consider going to the beach. One last benefit that we cannot miss, and that you will surely agree on if you are an enthusiast of trips to the beach or you live in coastal cities, is the great help that the sea breeze and saltwater will provide for cleaning the nasal and respiratory passages.

One last item that we wish to highlight about seawater lies in the presence of magnesium and its relaxation properties, which consequently regulate stress.

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