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The Most Powerful Passports When Traveling

It is not news that traveling is our favorite hobby. When selecting a destination, we seek to discover something new, enjoy incredible sceneries, delight ourselves in endless flavors, or simply return to that corner where we always feel comfortable. A second home away from home. When you start planning the next getaway, you should know that your passport can allow you to travel to so many countries that you will have to decide which one to visit.


We all know what a passport is, but do we know its origin? There are many versions of who was responsible for its creation and it is controversial to choose when exactly did it come to be. One of the earliest passport references is found in the Bible. Nehemiah 2: 7, attributed to the time of the Persian Empire in about 450 BC. Later and in all the great civilizations we find references to a document or permit generated by the government that allowed its bearer to move between the regions of the same country. With the passing of time, the passport would become an accreditation to move from one country to another.

Did you know? At first, a passport did not have a photograph. It only indicated the name, nationality, physical description, and authorization to leave and return to the country.

According to the Henley Passport Index 2021, the Japanese have the most powerful passport in the world, when it comes to seeing how many other countries they can enter without a visa requirement. This is the third year in a row that it has held this position, either alone or together with Singapore. Here we leave you the ten spots with the countries that rank first this list:

1 – Japan (191)
2 – Singapore, (190)
3 – Germany and South Korea (189)
4 – Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain (188)
5 – Austria and Denmark (187)
6 – France, Ireland, Holland, Portugal, and Sweden (186)
7 – Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States (185)
8 – Australia, Czech Republic, Greece, and Malta (184)
9 – Canada (183)
10 – Hungary (182)

Mobility has been affected globally in a world transformed by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. But there is still a wide range of destinations that your passport could take you to. The Arton Capital’s Passport Index takes these restrictions into account. Here we leave you the ten spots in this list:

1 – Germany (134 countries)
2 – Sweden, Finland, Spain, and New Zealand (133 countries)
3 – Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland (132 countries)
4 – Netherlands, France, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Ireland, and United Kingdom (131 countries)
5 – Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Japan, and South Korea (130 countries)
6 – Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, and Iceland (129 countries)
7 – Malta, Slovakia, and Australia (128 countries)
8 – Cyprus and Liechtenstein (127 countries)
9 – Croatia and Romania (126 countries)
10 – Bulgaria (125 countries)

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