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Privilege Gives joins Fundacion Tulum

Privilege Gives joins Fundacion Tulum

The Privilege Gives team in the Riviera Maya has left its mark on the community of Tulum.

In recent weeks the association Fundacion Tulum has inaugurated its newest project, a community dining room for seniors. This foundation works towards aiding children and elderly people in situations of economic need or abandonment. Privilege Gives joined the ceremony, delivering donations from the Privilege family and from members who had visited the Bahia Principe Riviera Maya resort.

With a program of recreational activities, the objective of the Tulum Foundation’s dining room is to create a space for temporary coexistence. During the inauguration, articles of painting and embroidery were handed. In addition to cleaning products and first aid kits. Furthermore, it was also possible to supply the kitchen with an industrial stove and other appliances of daily use at the dining room. Also, the Privilege Gives team was able to collect non-perishable food. Members of the Privilege Club were also part of the occasion, donating clothes and equipment for persons with mobility difficulties.

Fundacion Tulum is a civil, non-profit movement and was founded in 2006. The main objective is to promote and contribute to the improvement of the community of Tulum, and surrounding areas. Consequently, strengthening social welfare, culture and education.

Its mission is to promote and carry out projects to support educational, cultural, social and ecological aspects. Achieving sustainable changes aimed at communities in need.

Its vision is to promote the capacity of communities to improve their quality of life. Prioritizing education and caring for the environment through social support. As a result volunteering donations and projects. Therefore, it is a transparent, self-sustainable and responsible association that makes its contribution to a better world.

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