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Souvenirs from Riviera Maya

The variety of experiences one can indulge in when in Mexico is proportional to the size of the country itself. The probability that each state features its own local dishes, unique attractions, and even cultural beliefs that may differ from another state across the country is very high. Just as is the long list of souvenirs you could acquire. Today we remain in our favorite corner within the state of Quintana Roo, as we go over our top souvenirs from Riviera Maya.

Picking only one souvenir from an entire category became a difficult task, so we have grouped the items that we feel you should consider when wanting to take a piece of Riviera Maya back home with you.

Typical Dresses and Wares.
You could do a fashion week runway with the assortments of dresses, shirts, hats, and shoes you can find in Quintana Roo. From the sandals made out of leather, the huaraches, to the ever-popular sombrero de charro. Although both could perfectly fit in your luggage, the top contender when it comes to clothes is the Guayabera, mostly made for men out of linen or cotton and for women the Huipil, a blouse or dress with embroidery. You can find lovely dresses, pants, and whatnot made with the same material and patterns that give away where they were made.

Souvenirs from Riviera Maya-: souvenirs de la Riviera Maya-souvenirs de la Riviera Maya

The sweet and the spicy.
Nothing says “I visited Riviera Maya” like bringing home some sweets covered in chili powder. Now, we understand that chili is simply not for everyone, the good news is that you can find something for all tastes. The sweet tooth will appreciate you if you bring some Glorias, Alegrias, Obleas or Cocadas. The list of Mexican dulces is actually quite populated. The average foodie who likes to cook will be happy to get their hands some dried hominy, mole paste, authentic Mexican sauce, maseca flour, achiote or Mexican vanilla to make their own Mexican dishes.

Souvenirs from Riviera Maya-: souvenirs de la Riviera Maya-souvenirs de la Riviera Maya

Heavy memories, seriously.
Handicrafts are a great legacy of Quintana Roo, and of all of Mexico. Therefore, you will not only find articles of clothing and accessories made by hand, but a wide variety of decorative objects and collectibles of all proportions. Decorative Mayan calendars and Mayan figures carved in wood can be part of your home decoration. These two and the molcajete, a volcanic stone mortar, are some of the heaviest safety souvenirs that many tourists take back home.

Souvenirs from Riviera Maya-: souvenirs de la Riviera Maya-souvenirs de la Riviera Maya

Usual size handicrafts.
They are also available! And with an inexhaustible variety. Surely you are already familiar with the works in clay, ceramics, and bone, crafts made with leather, and the colorful fabrics that characterize many accessories. In the Riviera Maya, you will be able to purchase collectibles allegorical to the celebration of the Day of the Dead, such as the colorful Catrina skulls, the Catrina doll, available in various sizes and worked in different materials, and other accessories, bags, and even costumes.

Souvenirs from Riviera Maya-: souvenirs de la Riviera Maya-souvenirs de la Riviera Maya

Mexican Spirits… yes Tequila.
Without a doubt, a bottle of Tequila is the number one souvenir you can buy. This is if you liked it and want to continue enjoying Mexico, in a way. It is ideal, if you want to impress someone who also enjoys an occasional sip of agave liqueur or just collects spirits. It is also the easiest to get, as it is available in most places, including the airport, in various sizes and brands. “Arriba, abajo, al centro y pa’ dentro” is a phrase you probably heard before sipping a shot of tequila or mezcal. We have an article dedicated to these intricate Mexican spirits.

Another option is the Xtabentún, a less heard-of liquor outside Mexico, has been concocted by the Mayans of Yucatan for over a thousand years, based on fermented honey, anise, and rum.

Bonus: you can also grab a jar of dried grasshoppers or worn salt at any supermarket. If you are an enthusiast of the Mexican gastronomy, you will know how to use them.

So, there you have it, whether we have made it easier or more difficult, our top souvenirs from Riviera Maya. Be sure to tag your vacation posts on social media with #VacationAsYouAre, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.