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Top 10: 2019 Blog Posts That Engaged The Most


This year is almost wrapping up and we want to go back and revisit the Top 10 2019 Blog Posts you found most helpful or interesting. We have had so much fun putting together city guides and travel recommendations to feed your plans. We have talked travel, discussed tips and gone all-out as we researched how to travel nice, green and smart.

It has been a year of exciting changes and developments within the Privilege Club and your favorite destinations at Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts. Let’s go over the Top 10 2019 Blog Posts that were most popular this 2019. You may even stumble upon some interesting reads.

Coming Soon: New Beach Club in Punta Cana – A addition to an array of new elements coming up at the Bahia Principe Punta Cana resort, this time with a “Privilege twist” as it features members’ only facilities.

Bahia Principe Grand San Juan Closes Its Doors – we bid a good-bye as the first resort of the hotel chain stepped out indefinitely.

Returning To Samana: Humpback Whale Season – Because why not? A magical wonder off nature for a truly magical destination.

New Hotel: Fantasia Bahia Principe Tenerife – the fourth hotel in Tenerife, second within the Fantasia brand and number one when it comes to visiting a magical spot in the island of eternal spring. Yes, it is a Castle.

Maximize your Membership Weeks – What are they and why are they so important.

Bahia Principe Luxury Ambar Image Gallery – A way of sharing the novelties at the renovated hotel in Punta Cana. What other way is there to inspire a vacation?

City Travel Guide: Madrid, Spain – One among many of the travel guides put together by the team. Because in our hearts, we all love traveling.

Privilege Tip: Your Member Identification – The most important attribute a Club member has it their membership number. The ticket to a world of vacation in Bahia Principe.

Top 10: What to do in Tenerife? – Half a millennium ago America was discovered, today we want to venture into the other side of the Atlantic, and discover Tenerife.

Airports Infographic & Ground Transportation 2019 – Your go-to infographic when researching the airports nearby your next destination.

Bonus! Apparently learning about the Mamajuana was stimulating and many found it interesting. It featured in our Monthly Flavor section as July’s Flavor.

Whether it is traveling, vacationing in the Caribbean, discovering new lands, trying new flavors or just looking for reasons to return to Bahia Principe, we will continue to produce articles that nourish your travels.

We hope you all have a happy holiday and that the coming 2020 is prosperous so that the travel fever continues.